One of my running shoes has escaped

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  • One of my running shoes has escaped
  • nicemonkey

    Woke up yesterday, went down stairs opened my front door and to my surprise one of my running shoes had escaped. It had gone from sitting besides the other shoe in the porch opened the sliding double glazed door (and closed it behind it) and then traveled about 2 meters down the path.

    The only explanation I have is aliens! anyone else got any ideas?


    serial shoe sniffers caught mid act and droped it ?

    Maybe they’ve just fallen out with each other, there’s a lot of pressure going through life as a couple, so it’s not surprising that this can boil over every now and again?
    Assuming your right handed I’ll bet it’s the left one that was made to kip outside for the night.


    I wouldn’t have minded but it had been raining and was soaked! I am thinking that maybe the shoe sniffer could be the explanation…although you hardly need to go that close…maybe they were not man enough and dropped it running like a big girl


    Its going back a few years but….

    I left a particularly muddy pair outside my front door once and they disappeared.
    A couple of days later an old guy who lived a few doors away walked past in them! My dad used to tell me he had been in a Japanese prisoner of war camp during the war and he looked odd in the typical 70+ year old gear and a pair of Adidas!
    He obviously thought I didnt want them so I wasnt going to ask for them back.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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