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  • One for the FlickR users
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    All I use Flickr for is posting a few images of Mountain biking,road cycling & motorcycle racing.I’d be surprised if I post more than 10 images a month.
    Strange thing is, in the last couple of days 8 or 9 people from various parts of the world have started following me & when I’ve looked at what groups they post in none of them post anything to do with 2 wheeled stuff,so why are they suddenly following me?

    Premier Icon ampthill
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    Well I can’t say for sure

    But Flickr for many is a game. Its about getting Likes and your photos to Explore.

    So people will randomly like other people photos and follow them on the off chance that they will return the favour.

    I’m sure one Flickr contact was a robot. It liked random photos and made odd positive comments in French. The photos it showed had been liked thousands of times

    Premier Icon Bustaspoke
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    Ah,right.It just seems strange to suddenly get 8 or 9 new followers who neither post in the same groups nor post images of anything remotely similar.
    Last year I was telling one of my mates that some bloke who did landscapes called PeteHuu started following me & my mate said that he’d also started following him which I thought was a bit strange.

    Premier Icon OCB
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    The new ‘recommended’ feature might [also] be triggering some of this kinda thing – it’s worked pretty well for me in highlighting genuinely interesting stuff, but as far as I can see the algorithm draws on extended networks too (as well as the close ones), so you might find that PeteHuu has some kinda following / follower relationship with the people who have now attached themselves to you.

    I’ve had a few random people pop up on my ‘stream in the last few weeks too.

    Bots and ‘favours’ will be in the churn somewhere I’m sure.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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