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  • Premier Icon Orangejohn

    Having not sorted out my wife’s Christmas Present prior; on the 10th I saw a Facebook link to ‘On One’ re the Reverb deal.

    Ordered there and then; in stock items 2-5 day shipping – it was ‘in stock’.

    Didn’t hear anything, phoned on 17th; there had been a problem but it had been sorted.
    They stated they would ship out immediately.
    (I assume it hadn’t really been ‘in stock’).
    Still nothing!

    Phoned again – apparently shipped out at 4.30pm on 18th by Yodel.

    Are they to be believed as they couldn’t quote a tracking number?
    How good are Yodel?
    Am I likely to receive it in time?

    These are the questions going through my mind; any observations.

    1, yodel are pants,
    2, your lucky this time of year to get things on time.
    3, On-one are questionable. (I’ve only bought a few bits all been great but alot of haters on here)

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    I’ve had stuff delivered from On-One and get a text with delivery date and window it will be delivered in.

    EDIT: That was a frame.


    Good luck with Yodel!


    Oh look another on one customer service thread. aren’t they great?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Given the number of P-X/O-O issue posts on here I imagine planet-x-Dave will be along soon with his annual ‘we know we should do better’ post.

    I love their kit but there’s either a larger proportion of STW users shopping there, a larger proportion posting on here when they have a problem or issues from them are far higher than other retailers?


    If it’s yodel as the carrier then chances are you’re fecked !! Sorry


    i’ve never had any real issues with planet x / on one service over the years (i’ve been using them since i bought my first on one inbred a couple of marriages ago).

    i can’t help but think that they become an easier target on here as the regular posters know that influential people within the planet x / on one organisation frequent the forum and have the balls to respond.

    you can’t have it all… you have a retailer with both online and inshop presence, who will sell you a new (and warranted) reverb for £150 delivered to your door (hopefully) and will try to deal with any issues either directly, or if you insist, across these forums.

    this isn’t a direct response to the OP, but a more general comment regarding the company.


    I love their kit but there’s either a larger proportion of STW users shopping there, a larger proportion posting on here when they have a problem or issues from them are far higher than other retailers?

    From what I’ve seen it seems to be that those customers from here who do encounter problems have discovered that their emails and calls may be completely ignored, but if they post their problems on this forum then Brant will pop up, get the details, and ensure that it’s resolved.

    I’ve only ever bought a few hard-to-cock-up things from them (tyres, clothing) and never had any problems, I’m just going by what I’ve seen browsing the forum, and not just today.

    Premier Icon ahwiles


    starting looking in bins.

    yours first, then in a standard outward-spiral search pattern, upto a radius of 30miles.

    after that, hedges and ebay.

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    I’ve had stuff delivered from On-One and get a text with delivery date and window it will be delivered in.

    The problem is, if they’re using Yodel it might end up being delivered in someone else’s window, or bin, or back garden 😆

    Premier Icon Orangejohn

    I think I had better go shopping tomorrow!

    Haven’t previously has issues with On One / Planet X service.

    Now when it really matters…………………

    i ordered an on-one 456 complete bike last month and happy to say it was delivered 2 days before the planned dispatch! was in my garage a day before i had the email and txt confirmation from PX/OO that it had been dispatched!

    so there is hope! they should have a consignment number for you if its with the couriers, hassle them for one. if you want ill ping u toms email who dealt with my order extensively and he was great and chased stuff there and then…..

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    On One are great for sales and service, I’ve never been a problem, well one but they sorted it out straight away and I was told to keep the item they sent me in error.

    Yodel are rubbish

    Premier Icon Orangejohn

    Answer – modern day Ebenezer Scrooge!!!!

    Lying ~~~~~~~ ########.

    Ordered on 10th (in stock), numerous phone calls.
    We will get it sent out and the biggest lie of all –
    ‘it has been sent out – courier Yodel – and hopefully will be with you before Christmas’.
    On 24th December – Paypal refund – reason given item ‘out of stock’.

    Call me suspicious but would someone refund if they had actually sent an item out?
    Christmas Eve – Great that gives me loads of opportunity to sort out a replacement present.
    Absolute #####.

    They could have contacted me perhaps on 12 or 14; apologised and then given me a reasonable opportunity to obtain a replacement present, but no they wait, wait, lie to me repeatedly and then refund.


    I’m sure they did it out of spite, giggling behind their computers.

    But in all seriousness, that is annoying. I work for a similar company and these issues need to be looked at ASAP because it really is a quick way to lose a customer and get a lot of bad press.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    get a lot of bad press

    does seem to be a *lot* of bad experiences on here at the moment.

    Sending out a despatch note in error is really bad, though.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    This screams #firstworldproblems

    Annoying, yes. Spiteful no. It was a bargain that everyman and his dog wanted, I can imagine deliveries were frantic. PX haven’t got the resources of Amazon. If a pressie is so mission critical there were 300 other shopping days in the year rather than leave it until the last minute.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    And there, OP, is the problem in a nutshell. Regardless of how many folk tell of problems there are sufficient fanbois satisfied customers that will just keep ordering. Indeed, unless you are very new to this forum then you must have read other, similar, tales in the past.


    I’ve ordered several times from On One/Planet X, always without incident.

    Being totally objective and not on the side of either party, what percentage of orders have been problematic? I’d venture it is a very small percentage or the business wouldn’t survive. Sadly, the internet makes it very easy to draw the conclusion that something has an inherent problem, when in fact it is well within the realms of acceptable (working in online retail – non bike industry), I’d say a figure of 95-97% accuracy is about average across the board. Big sales volumes = potentially big numbers when you look at a percentage, but it’s the percentage that matters.

    It’s a shame if you are in the unlucky 3-5% but you’re just a statistical inevitability. In the UK, we rarely praise, only complain, so you never hear the 95-97% posting online how happy they were with their well priced, on time delivery……


    I ordered stuff recently , heard nothing for a week then was refunded .

    Reminds me of a story a friend told of when he was the manager of a white goods shop that was part of a small chain.

    A woman came in an wanted to buy a washing machine that was from a brand the shop did not stock.
    He told the woman that he was pretty sure he could not get the washing machine she wanted but would call the owner and ask.

    He rang only to be told that he was right in as much as they would not be able to supply that machine but to take her money anyway and tell her to come back in two weeks .

    And when he asked why, if he would only have to refund the woman in two weeks anyway he was told that the money would be better off in his ( owners )bank account for two weeks than hers.


    I’ve bought quite a bit from them in the past. They have always been helpful, so I don’t think they are malicious or lie on purpose. I think it just comes down to the fact they have the worst stock system in the history of the known universe….


    I have some but not much sympathy with OP- why in gods name leave it till that close to santa coming to get the most important present!
    Thinking outside the box, why didnt you just give your good lady your dropper post until you sourced one, surely a woman would never notice if its already fitted on her bike?
    There is only one other way round this next year just tell the misses up front you aint buying her a present, saves money, stress and means you still have all your own bike components for Christmas riding etc etc.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I honestly wonder if they just think they’ve hit good-feedback-critical-mass and can afford to treat some customers like crap, because for every one of us they lie to or cheat, there’ll be 10 others who’ll defend them to the end, and another 10 who’ll say “Yeah but they’re cheap so it’s ok for them to shaft us, what else can you expect?”

    Premier Icon wallop

    I’m with the OP. That’s awful service. Notwithstanding the fact he left it til last minute to order a present, they lied to him.


    Did they lie or did someone just pass on what turned out to be incorrect information from a computer system? 2 very different circumstances and again without solid proof of a deliberate lie, it’s wrong to make an accusation like that.

    Sounds more like someone reading off a screen and the information he read being wrong. Inconvenient but not anything like as bad as a “lie”.

    wallop – Member

    I’m with the OP. That’s awful service. Notwithstanding the fact he left it til last minute to order a present, they lied to him lies is strictly true, but a bit harsh, theres still scope in that story for yodle to have failed to deliver and returned it to PX. or as andy said, just a computer / stock control glitch at the busiest time of tge year.

    Whenever ive had a peoblem its been solved double quick, often before ive even had chance to notice stuff hasnt arrived yet, and usualy with free gifts of beenie hats and socks!


    I would hope it was less of a lie, more a system error causing mis-information.

    Of course that doesn’t change the end result, but somehow seems better than an outright lie.

    Edit – beaten to it.


    I think they’re just a bit shonky rather than actually dishonest,
    had a couple of minor issues over the years, one they sorted ASAP and the other was so minor I couldn’t be arsed to chase it up, but I’ve had a lot of orders that went smoothly as well..
    They need to employ some IT monkeys off here to sort their website out, it’d all run tickety boo then… 😉

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    I’m pretty sure they lied to me. I was told a certain size of a certain model of frame hadn’t been “on the boat” only to find out (through STW) that one had magically turned up in the Antipodes having been all the way to Yorkshire first. I can’t even remember what the second excuse was but it turned out that every one of that size/model that was available had been shipped to customers – except mine. 🙄

    As already said above – mistakes happen. Orders get missed, forms get filled in incorrectly etc. It would be good to get a straight answer when this happens though, instead of some made-up shit.

    To put it in perspective, I’ve subsequently recommended On One products on this forum and in person but I’d never choose to deal with them again. As Northwind says, that probably doesn’t matter as there enough satisfied customers out there.

    Premier Icon Orangejohn

    Having calmed down a little and read the comments above.

    They probably didn’t actually ‘lie’ it was probably their really bad stock control system. However I have never even had an email apologising for the cock-up.

    I don’t think the 10th was that late to order a present, my CRC stuff came through in just two days despite the Christmas post. As for starting my shopping now with 300+ days to go, thanks for the advice but I have a life.

    Thinking on my feet I actually gave the wife a Reverb box as a present, as I understood one was on route. At the moment she still has just the box – anyone noticed any cheap Reverbs in the sales?

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