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  • OK, ‘fess up- who nominated XTR 12 speed for the Singletrack Awards?
  • mikewsmith
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    (Not entirely convinced that XTR hasn’t become a bit of a cop out though;  some parts seemed to be made of bent wire and the whole thing was powder coated; not a classy anodized forging or magnesium bit anywhere)

    I have an XTR water bottle that was flung out at a race, if you want that spectacular it’s 30c and I just broke to win on Alp du Heuz water splash over you it’s great, lid pops off with nothing more that a stern look.

    Standards are slipping

    However the SRAM and Rockshox caps I got at Cairns are tough hard wearing and still working well today 😉

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    It does seem a little odd, but hey-ho.

    The only things that I could vote for would be to do with written articles or photos.

    Me, Jason, Vince and Warren came second with Hit The North 10 years ago. Got beaten by the Beijing Olympics IIRC. Twas a good piss up. Not sure the IOC turned up.

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    If I thought the awards were meant to be taken seriously I’d be up in arms, it is a bit of fun really. Except I agree with HTS about the articles and photo awards. I think Nathan Hughes is so far ahead of the field that I’m easily sorted on that. But there again that is based on his body of work not just this one image….

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    I promise I didn’t read this thread before making the same comment under the article about the use of ‘eschews’ earlier this afternoon… 😂🤦‍♂️

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