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  • Oh dear, daughters PIP forms have landed….
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    Fingers crossed for you man! Sounds positive at least…



    Thankfully her college course is finished, uni doesn’t start until september, so the bus card isn’t much of a problem, unless she shuts down and can’t get home…:-s

    still, looking up anyway.



    Glad there’s some progress. Fingers crossed.

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    Worth trying the Fred Foundation for help / advice? http://www.thefredfoundation.org/about/

    Hope it  goes well for you and your daughter.

    We have just started the PIP process this week. Someone from the DWP came to our house with my daughter’s CPN and went through it all and filled in all the forms, they are liasing with her medical people without us having to be involved, it was all pretty stress free. Mind you we haven’t had a decision or money yet, but everyone involved seemed to think it would go through ok. I’ll update this when we hear back from them.


    Fingers crossed. We had lower rate DLA for my son, but scored Zero on PIP and only a couple more points on appeal. We gave up as most Type 1 teens don’t get the help, despite the fact they can’t look after themselves (being a teen with a life threatening illness)and need extra help from others.


    I HAD a friend in the welsh universal welfare call/assesment centre who boasted that she and her colleagues got a kick out of denying people benefits.

    Wish I taped it to send it to Panorama, so I believe Rusty on this.


    and the results are in……

    Nil Points.

    quite how, I don’t know yet, I’ve not seen the report.

    still, at least we know the process of appeal well enough.


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    And that, Mr Anderson, is the sound of inevitability.

    Good luck with the appeal.



    Not told daughter yet. We’ll wait until later on and deal with the outfall then.


    Yep corrupt , manipulated system. welcome to tory rule.


    Pm me if you want help

    Mrs To does this for a living (appeals)

    Bummer. That can’t have gone down well with your daughter.

    Oh, and if you were avoiding TJs offer because of his quirks on here, think again. He’s a very nice man in real life.


    Thanks TJ, I think we’ve got it sorted. CAB are helping again. 🙂

    Daughter has a day planned tomorrow, so we’re waiting until after that to tell her.

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    Crossing everything for you wookie.

    That post of yours Cougar is good news for me & the wife, years ago she was given a lifetime DLA award Mid-Care & Higher-Mobility she has secondary progressive MS, sadly now quite advanced she cant even feed herself now.

    So when we got the PIP forms I nearly ground my teeth away while filling them in 🙁  the questions are so loaded that there is no option to fill the correct answer in for someone who cant do anything for themself.

    Example: Preparing a meal, do you use adapted utensils.

    1. No

    2. Sometimes

    3. Always

    Strange there is no “I can’t prepare a meal”

    I ended up writing some pretty sarcastic stuff in the right hand boxes, we then had the home visit by a “health professional” To be fair to her she looked really embarrassed when she saw my wife’s condition & said sorry to me as she left.

    We then received a letter saying they were considering her case! At this time I had taken her for an appointment to see one of her consultants who was furious when she found out what was going on, 2 days later a letter arrived I was copied in on she had sent one to the PIP panel!

    I have to say she didn’t pull any punches as what she thought of the situation & the utter cruelty of the system including some words you don’t often hear used in official communication!!!

    As a result of this my wife’s care component was upped to the higher rating, so in the end a result but degrading for my wife & bad for my teeth.


    Glad you got the outcome there MrOvershoot, but very crap that you had to go through it at all.

    CAB were mighty annoyed. Point made that DWP have essentially gone against the previous tribunal outcome for a lifelong condition where there will be little to no change.

    The new scottish social security bill didn’t come in until the 21st June, so just after the forms came through. I’d hope that the new bill means we don’t have to go through it all again.

    mandatory reconsideration in.

    I fully expect this to go as far as tribunal again.


    Jeez, that’s rough. Fingers crossed for you

    Envelope dropped this morning. Standard rate of daily living support, standard rate of mobility support. To be reviewed July 2020.

    We don’t need the money for household bills, otherwise we might push for higher rate, but if having regular money from outside prompts her to start making decisions for herself, that would be fantastic.

    Bloody hell, writing that last sentence has made this screen dusty.

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