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  • Not been here for a year
  • Soup

    ….what have I missed,

    Soup (previously known as moontan)


    Not much…

    Glupton has anger management issues
    padded fred is now rudeboy
    tandemjeremy is right about everything and anything
    and sfb is still taking quality pics of chicks arses

    Premier Icon ton

    mleh is still shyte…


    someone with a long name is doing something called the bigbikebash.. he is rather bashfull and ,like his charity work, he really does not want to talk about it.


    some 12 year old killed the old site with some high school hacking

    what appeared shortly after was a somewhat moribund version which is slowly evolving into something with a faint pulse


    Hi Moontan,

    Still with the Fire brigade after the big VF?

    If you aren’t who I remember youas sorry, just buy tickets to the big bike bash and you will meet everyone there. Just down the road from you in the new forest.


    Christ nobody has mentioned Hora being a ****t or Peter Poddy ruling the world 😉


    Umm, you might want to change your email password – assuming it’s the same as this one (to log on here). Some kiddies hacked the site and posted all user names and passwords up on t’internet.

    Upshot is a new shiny forum that people aren’t bagging so much (hamsters now have pants on outside trousers etc).

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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