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  • dobo

    Looking to buy a camera that is primarily compact and easy to travel with and has near dslr quality! oh and to top it off less than £400 would be great!

    the sony nex 5n looks to be the best quality of the bunch but lenses might be pricy and unit not so compact with lense on? and less lenses?

    the Olympus PEN EPM1 looks like a cracking deal at jessops possibly smaller with lense on? less quality and not sure on the interface.
    Why so cheap?

    Anyone used both of these cameras? or has an opinion or alternative camera?


    They are probably announcing the NEX 5R tomorrow, and a couple of lenses…
    Including a 16-50 pancake lense that should address some of your issues

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Sony RX100?

    Worth looking at, even if it’s to reinforce the reasons why you want a small or interchangeable lens camera.


    thanks, really liked the look of the rx100 but its new out and really expensive still and over budget.
    The canon s100 also looks like a great camera again, both more compact with great features however i decided to pull the trigger on the Olympus EPM1 as its cheaper and has a better sensor, still very small and light for an interchangeable lens camera. I can also upgrade to a better body in the future.
    Just need to get my hands on a pancake lens, they are expensive though..

    micro 4/3rds 20mm panasonic 1.7 looks good

    Anyone got micro four thirds camera system? any lens recommendations?


    I have a GF2, I know **** all about cameras and it seems fine, I doubt it is limiting my work.


    I’m a big fan of the M4/3 stuff – still use my GF1 a lot, especially with the 20mm f1.7 pancake lens. My brother just bought a GF3 and while somewhat ‘dumbed down’ from the GF1 is a very nice little thing with snappy AF.

    Never tried the Olympus ones though – the strong point of M4/3 is the lens selection though IMO.

    Random selection of some shots taken with my M4/3 stuff.

    Williamson Park Butterfly House by Grum Wynne, on Flickr

    Whinlatter Forest Mountain Biking by Grum Wynne, on Flickr

    Sunrise over the Three Peaks by Grum Wynne, on Flickr

    Matterhorn – Hornli ridge detail by Grum Wynne, on Flickr

    Morecambe Bay sunset by Grum Wynne, on Flickr

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    I’ve an Ep3 and its ace, I love the smallness of it.

    The actual camera is more powerful than my big full 4/3 E3 but of course doesn’t have the waterproofing.

    They are cracking little cameras and I also get to use all my older Leica lenses on the front of it too.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Looked closely at the EPM3, but went for a Fuji X10 instead.
    Just feels nice & solid with more direct control.


    Get the 20mm f1.7, its excellent! I have it on the epm1.


    For that price, Panasonic GF3 or Olympus PL2 I think, on closeout. Olympus PL3 has no in-built flash, unfortunately.
    Panasonic GX1 may just about be affordable for that budget, and gives you more options for things like an EVF, should you want one.

    I’m personally looking at the GX1, I think. Lenses aren’t cheap, mind.. 🙁

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