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  • Nice places to eat in Liverpool…
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    Weekend in Liverpool – much to do?…

    …we have a hotel booked in a couple of weeks time. Mowgli has been recommended, but it’s first come 1st served so may not be an option at a weekend.

    Would like to book now as anything decent will probably be hard to get in to.



    Pound cafe, st johns precinct, Greggs, or Sayers, thousands of scoucers eat there.


    Where are you staying and what type of food do you favour?

    Maray is a nice alternative to mowgli, its on Bold street.

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    Think you can book at Mowgli on Water St.  It’s just the Bold St one that’s walk ins only.  There’s also salt house bacaro and either Lunya or salt house tapas if tapas is your thing.

    We ate at San Carlo when we were in Liverpool. Very nice, recommended.


    It’s been quite a while since I lived there (so read the recent reviws) but…

    Lunya is /was good quality

    High end : Hope St Bistro, possibly Munro

    Nice small bistro/meditteranean : Fonseca

    Decent italians at The Quarter (off Hope St), Olive (Castle St).

    India / curry : Mowgli (street food) or EastZEast (docks, Manchester spin-off, large so not exactly romantic).


    Recently ate at Sapporo Teppanyaki on Duke Street. Really good food and a great atmosphere.

    Looking forward to going back next year!


    You can Def book Mowgli on Water Street – nice building and only couple of mins from the waterfront.

    San Marco would also be good but quite different.

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