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  • New fork musings
  • Been out this weekend for the first off road ride in the Peak for almost a year.

    However, my forks are getting on a bit (they are Marzocchi Marathon SL 2002s) and are feeling a bit overpowered as my riding partner is generally now into more hard core blasting down stuff than previously (he rides a Pace RC305 or seomthing like that). This doesn't match well with me being well out of practice and having a weedy xc bike with light flexy forks!

    So musing vaguely about getting some new forks as and when.

    What would people recommend for a 100mm, non flexy, solid, confident, fit and forget fork for £250 or below? A mad variety of adjustment is unnecessary/undesirable although a lockdown might be nice.

    I had thought Magura as they seem to do a range of 100m forks with the insane double arch thing for stiffness but some comments reckon they are quite stiff and I weigh only 65kg.




    Don't have a suggestion, but not sure that a lockout is needed on a 100mm fork.


    Email in profile if you're interested in a pair of Pace RC40s 2nd hand? 6 months use only, excellent nick with just a few chips here and there. Adjustable from 100mm to 130mm, rebound, lockout and compression.


    i use 100mm magura menjas, i weigh 68kg they're stiff, plush and reasonably light. i don't bother with the lock out, i don't find it makes any difference on climbs

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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