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  • andyt1054

    Currently enjoying ‘Narco’s’, Bloodline and Minions!

    I was a big fan of Netflix at first, but when they bumped up my subs with the promise of ‘better content’ that never materialised, I decided to quit.

    I’ve been a few months now sans bingewatching, so what’s good enough to tempt me back?

    Premier Icon rone

    Ozarks is the new one.

    Narcos S3 in September.

    Out of the previous ones – stranger things S1, with S2 coming up.

    Don’t know what you’ve seen…


    Yes, I should have mentioned which shows I’ve watched:)

    Binged on;

    Prison break
    24 (pity they dropped it)
    Better call Saul
    Breaking bad
    Narcos 1&2 (thanks for the heads up on series 3)
    The expanse s1

    Any idea if they’ll screen series 2 of the expanse?

    I quite like the supernatural stuff like ‘true blood’ and, erm supernatural (the winchesters, Crowley etc)

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    Enjoying El Chapo at the minute


    Started Ozarks last night, looks promising…

    Premier Icon househusband

    We’re both really enjoying Sense8.


    Watched Ozarks last week, difficult to review it without spoilers buts its the aeries if the moment for sure.

    Dunno if it’s on Netflix, but I’m enjoying Designated Survivor. If you liked 24, you’ll probably like this.

    Premier Icon ton

    orange is the new black. very good.
    ozarks looks good so far.


    Shooter is good. As is Longmire, but it’s only available on the USA.
    <Edit>Just found Longmire on 5USA – result!</Edit>


    I’m really late to this party but mainly cos I don’t watch mutch telly. However, we’ve been overdosing on House of Cards this past week and it’s up there with some of the best stuff we’ve seen on telly. Once I’ve finished pigging out on the remaining 4 series, I’ll have a gander at some of the other stuff suggested above.

    BTW, I’ve seen a couple of the Shooter episodes and (IMO) it’s a bit lame compared to the really good stuff (HoC, The Americans, Homeland, Fargo, Breaking Bad etc)


    Really enjoying izombie at the moment.


    Wading through all the options looking for something worth watching, then going back to iPlayer, FTW!

    Icarus, documentary about about doping by Russians at the Soche Olympics.


    Santa Clarita Diet.
    Designated driver is on netflix

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    Better Call Saul is great. I’m waiting until I’ve finished watching Preacher on Amazon, then cancelling that and going back to Netflix so I can watch series 3 of Saul and The Defenders


    Think the “Making A Murderer” doco series is on Netflix. Factual yet chilling at the same time, and not for reasons you might initially think.


    All of the above – don’t know if it’s your sort of thing but the marvel stuff has been good Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Stranger things – not sure it’s mentioned before but stranger things. Also stranger things.


    House of Cards is brilliant as is Narcos.

    Orange is the new black is up and down but still very good.

    Better Call Saul is good, but I need to see a few at a go otherwise the pace drives me nuts.

    There’s some excellent ‘legacy’ BBC stuff on there too no longer on the iPlayer, Luther, Sherlock, Line if Duty (might be ITV that one).

    In terms of quality and VFM Netflix betters Sky/Virgin for me.

    Premier Icon rone

    Yep. Don’t really watch regular telly anymore.

    At last a channel for those that are sick of Any & Dec. BBC’s obsession with celebrity culture has turned me way.

    Big thank you for the input.

    I’ve binged on homeland and sense8

    Never tried ‘orange is the new black’ or ‘house of cards’, though I enjoyed the latters original BBC version.

    Hmmm, I think I’ll wait till they start showing ‘the expanse’.


    departures if its available in the uk, excellently filmed travel show.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Just finished Bloodline

    Season 1 is amazing
    Season 2 wasn’t great
    Season 3 starts amazing, wanders a bit, gets really bizarre near the end (leguziamo WTF for anyone that’s watched it) but ends well

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Does Netflix do any decent Brit stuff or is all Yank TV?

    Problem I find is I can’t just browse to see if I’d like to subscribe, without handing over credit card details for a trail. Also I’m already paying for Amazon.

    Only thing that’s slightly got my interest is the new Star Trek: Discovery due on Netflix in UK, but then again everything I’ve seen of it so far (wrong Klingons, big effects battles, JJ’s lens flares, prequel that’s way ahead of TOS technology wise), just makes me convinced I won’t like it (never liked the reboot films and this seems more of the same, regardless of the universe it’s supposedly in). Looking forward to The Orville though. No sign of who will air that in UK.


    American gods is ace , not sure if on netflix though

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Cheers for the heads up on Ozarks, great first series.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Stranger Things
    Designated Survivor
    Luke Cage is ok – but I’m only 3 episodes in and I love blaxploitation 70’s stuff – which this kind of echoes…


    Few off the top of my head.

    Always Sunny in Philly – Brilliant sitcom, I keep rewatching it over and over.

    Thick of it – Watched it so many times, brilliant.

    Rake – Under the radar Aussie series.

    Peaky Blinders – Brilliant moody UK series. Looks great and sounds great.

    Trailer Park boys – Another great comedy, keep going back to it.

    Skins- Missed it when first shown but excellent Uk series.

    House of Cards – As said above, immersive political show.

    And my advice don’t start watching Suits or Prison Break, cheesy as hell.


    Favourites from Netflix:

    House of Cards
    The Killing
    The Fall
    Sons of Anarchy

    Currently three episodes into Peaky Blinders, it’s excellent so far.


    I enjoyed Detectorists after it was recommended here. Nicely understated comedy. Rick and Morty is very funny and not understated at all! Bojack Horseman was a real surprise for me. Don’t be put off by the fact it is a cartoon about a depressed talking horse…

    If, like me, you are very late to the party, The Killing is good (I’ve only watched the Danish original).
    Making a Murderer is a must-see. Truth far stranger than fiction.



    Flit in and out of Orange is the new Black – daughter always has it on. It always grabs my attention though

    Premier Icon Russell96

    Another thumbs up for The Expanse, really does the first book justice


    For some lighter relief:

    Bojack Horseman – sounds naff, but is genuinely beautiful and hilarious.

    Rick and Morty – Stick with it, it’s almost perfect, surrealist and deeper than it first seems.

    Master of None – Hilarious and perfectly shot/artsy

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Written by Tina Fey, very 30 Rock

    Arrested Development – if you’ve never seen this, now is the time. Perfect, interwoven farse. Probably my favourite show, ever.

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    Ive just started watching Bates Motel, and just finished Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency which absolutely no-one seems to watch, yet both are excellent, just watched 7 episodes of Bates Motel in 2 days.
    Others id recommend along similar lines to the rest are Stranger Things (the best TV series EVER), The OA, Narcos, The Expanse, Marco Polo (though it has been cancelled after 2 seasons), Sense8 (just make sure homophobia isnt your thing). The new Star Trek is coming soon as well. Ozark is next on my hit list. Apparently GLOW is rather good also. Of course House of Cards is great, but looks a little less far fetched than it once did these days. Five Came Back is a great documentary series as well about the Hollywood Directors who documented WW2, very interesting watch.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    No love for Orphan Black? It’s tremendous.

    +n for Stranger Things, brilliant bit of telly and at half a dozen episodes (season 2 due imminently) it’s not a massive commitment.

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