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  • MTB shoe sizing – Please help!
  • Minish Man

    Buying online is really the only way to get an SPD shoe for what I consider a “reasonable” price, but it does have its pitfalls – namely sizing.

    I am a 10.5 extra wide in my school shoes (they are properly fitted) and 11 in trainers.

    Some people seem to say you should go a size up for mtb shoes – but is this the case just for cheap shoes, or throughout an entire manufacturer’s range?

    Shoe I’m looking at is here.

    Based on sizing from Wiggle, should I go for 46, 47, or 48?

    Any advise would be helpful.




    I’m a 42 normally but buy shimano at 43 and am usually fine, mind you I wear slightly thicker socks when mtbing.


    all the makes are different sizes. The only way is to try a pair on. i wear shoes that range from 43 to 47.

    Depends on the shape, the width, the toe box height, how fitted you want them, whether you ever intend to wear thicker socks on intend to stick with thin summer socks, etc.

    Minish Man

    Bah, as I suspected tbh…

    Will hunt around the local area tomorrow for LBSs selling bike shoes.


    Strangely enough, most LBSs do sell bike shoes, so your quest should be fruitful.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Size 10 here & a Shimano 45 is a nice fit.


    same, i wear a 10 in my shoes and a 45 in my shimano M230s


    Generally I’m a size 8 and find Shimano size 8’s are too small for me – I’d go up one size at least. It’s all a complete lottery though – my shoes, cycling or otherwise, range from size 7 to size 10, dependent on maker and design. It’s a right royal PITA.

    As mentioned ^^ if you can, I’d really recommend trying to find a pair locally to try on first. It’s the only way you’re going to guarantee not having to go through the rigamarole of returning them for a refund / different size.

    You need at least a 45

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    i wear one size larger in shimano shoes, they seem to be made smaller, you/i’ll get flamed for this but why not try on in a bike shop then see if they will match online price or buy online anyway

    that said, 3 out of the last 4 pairs of shoes i’ve bought have been from a shop

    Minish Man

    ^^ covered your arse well there 😛

    Will try some on today.


    I’m a size 11 but get size 47 Shimano shoes.

    Minish Man

    Size 47s arrived today and are a great fit. Had thin socks on when trying them and there was a little bit of slip, but I think 46s would’ve been to tight.

    Thanks for all the advice guys!

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