Mountain bike hire in Gran Canaria?

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  • Mountain bike hire in Gran Canaria?
  • aphex_2k

    I’m officially sick of the cold and gloomy weather. Saw some great riding in GC on one of the MTB progs on Extreme TV so looking to book a week out there for me and the missus.

    Anyone been there and hired bikes – if so where from and what sort of costs were there. Found one place that has 08 Canondale FS bikes for hire.

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    Probally looking 100 euros for 2 week hire. I have MBed in Fuertventura, Carnary Islands, going back this year with Thompsons, bike going over with me for £35.
    Cost of bike bag £60
    Joy of riding your bike in a strange land… priceless 😀

    I posted on a thread about this t’other day.

    feel free to frisk me


    Yeah but the cost of bike bags and transport doubles and we wouldn’t be riding every day. Just probably 2 good days really.

    Was looking at a company called “Cycle Gran Canaria”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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