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  • bigrich

    pretty good out in the Yarra Valley


    Mrs broke her crank off with in 2 miles of an APR.

    Picked her up , fixed the bike and we went out on an anger venting ride

    60k in 2 hours. She tried to tear my legs off. she was playing stava QOM chasing.

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Working today as my rota laughs in the face of extended bank holiday weekends.

    Out yesterday for an Easter Sunday jaunt on the road bike and stopped mid-ride for a bit of cyclo cross:

    Always look on the bright side of life, I say.

    Premier Icon mangoridebike

    Cracking weekend up with us, cold but sunny and dry. Managed a good long ride to burn off the easter eggs πŸ™‚ back at work today but its nice to be sitting at my desk with tired legs for a change.

    Ski hill by Chris_Read_3, on Flickr


    Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been sunny chilly back to back road ton +’s; hard, hilly, beautiful abduction fast, certainly not stopping for photos types of rides. But today my friends, i shall be drinking, really drinking.

    Ridden everyday of the four day Easter weekend:

    Friday with wife here Makara Peak
    Saturday with mates here Korokoro and Belmont Regional Park
    Sunday solo here Wanui trail park
    Monday repeat Saturday on single speed
    Tomorrow (Tuesday – extra day off) here Polhill and Brooklyn

    Has been remarkably dry here….. Drought even means no hosing off dust here


    Here’s ours so far:

    Everyone’s been riding yeah?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Road ride sat with some locals, just a social 50km then Sunday was video day. The missus is now an ambassador for YMX clothing so we have some social media commitments (the free stuff arrived πŸ™‚ so best get on with it) and ta da (some from earlier trips)


    Been great biking in Madeira lads.

    I’ve even been Downhilling… In Pajamas. !!

    Loads of Roadies and MTB’ers out, you could say the Island is a bit hilly.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Everyone’s been riding yeah?

    Some of us have work. πŸ™

    But not today, I’m off today so we’re off to my Mother’s for lunch. Suppose I could ride over there and via the carriage drive but too much on this am.

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    Cheeky trails in valleys on the cx bike. People don’t seem to get as bothered by a cx bike as they do by a mtb on the same trails.


    Couple of road rides Fri and yesterday to keep the legs spinning then off over to Swinley later when the crowds have thinned for a play on the new trails πŸ˜€

    Mary Hinge

    Still injured with stress fractured tibia πŸ™

    Been sat around a lot, had 6 month old grand daughter all day yesterday, had plans to weed the front garden in the sun this morning but no sun and it’s freezing.

    Crap weekend! Will be able to get on the turbo this week (woo bloody hoo!)

    Hopefully back on the road bike next week and MTB week after for some gentle rehab and getting back up to fitness in time for summer.

    My triathlon season has not got off to a great start this year πŸ™


    Everyone’s been riding yeah?

    Rode into work on Friday, rode home after work.

    Rode into work on Saturday, rode home after work.

    Rode into work on Sunday, rode home after work.

    Rode into work today, will ride home after work.

    3 miles each way, yup I’ve been riding this weekend!


    I went surfing………….

    Premier Icon ton

    friday- decorated son’s bedroom
    saturday- finished decorating, picked grandaughter up to sleep over
    sunday- visited my mum and wifes parents, took grandaughter home
    today- chilling and watching rugby

    good thing about commuting everyday is, when you dont ride, you dont feel too guilty, cos commuting miles sure do add up……… πŸ˜†


    Friday – cleaned the house from top to bottom, put Widow Twanky to shame.
    Saturday – snow cylcathon around the tops.
    Sunday – all round to In Law’s for a cracking day
    Today – garage time – Syncro to get moving, campervan to dig out of it’s snowdrift and a garage full crap to put into order (may involve building a bike of some sort, depends what I find in the parts bins.)

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    A rubbish 1 hour ride on Saturday morning, irate wrong headed dogwalkers, too much snow, crashed.

    An ace 3 hour ride this morning, happy dogwalkers, some snow, no crashes.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Quite a good run of riding (although all quite short)

    Night Riding Thursday round Rivvy, roadbike Friday and Sunday, SS Rigid Kona Saturday and Today.

    some piccies from today, dry trails πŸ˜€

    P1050111 by eastham_david, on Flickr

    P1050110 by eastham_david, on Flickr

    P1050107 by eastham_david, on Flickr

    P1050113 by eastham_david, on Flickr

    Premier Icon andycs

    Good ride on Saturday. Well I say ride, there was more carrying through snow drifts than riding going on! Off to watch Bradford beat Salford in a bit then home to watch Leeds get smashed by Catalans.


    First ride in 7 months today 😯

    Mainly just because I’ve been concentrating on running, but was good to get out. 30 mile local loop with no real hills to speak of. Quads are still killing me though.

    Everybody I came across seemed in a pretty good mood. Seems to have been a fair bit of trail/path sanitisation going on since I last went that way but none of it’s really ‘proper’ mtb territory so no big deal I suppose.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’d planned lots of riding but in the end, haven’t done that much- decided to have a nice lazy day today.


    I managed to ride locally around Gwynedd most days last week (the joys of when teaching breaks up). Had a bad off on Friday and faceplanted into ice so didn’t ride yesterday. A bad call on conditions on my behalf, particularly when riding solo (lesson very much learnt). Had an early start today up to Coed y Brenin where trails are running nice and dry (and ice free). Overall, a good result!

    A pic from Friday above Llanberis:


    A varied weekend for me. Uplift at uk bike park for some DH action on friday. Local xc ride around longleat woods saturday. Then a sun drenched ride on the quantocks sunday πŸ˜€

    t-p 26

    Worked Friday,did this Saturday

    Spent Sunday and today nursing the rest of the household :/
    Typically the sun has come out

    Went to IKEA this morning.

    I’d made it 15 years since I last went to one of those hateful places, but by gods they’re soul destroying.

    Apparently I misinterpreted the missus asking for an opinion on TV units for her asking for my opinion on TV units, not simply agreeing with her.

    Weekend number 6 with no riding…………………..

    Premier Icon Schweiz

    Southern Black Forest, Germany

    Baby wild boar in a game reserve on the way up

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg



    2 rides today

    will be going back to work tomorrow with the fulfilled feeling of achy legs πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Awful ride Friday short pedals thru mud In between the snow drifts around rivi (obviously different part of rivi to vortex)

    Today a rather good ride round farleton knott, epic views of the snow topped lakes peaks, cold wind but sunny and dry dusty (!) trails which were rather fun, some fast bouncy downhills, sessioned a big (for me) drop, another downhill then sped back to the car where I realised I hadn’t bolted in my 20mm front wheel, i’d just hand screwed the axle into the forks, eeek, remembering the downhills and those drops was quite sobering.


    ace ride in the FoD with a large mob of attention whores on ego chariots in cheeky, sneaky (if we tell you, we’ll have to kill you and leave your corpse for badgers to chew on) trails.


    Kinver today… That place is good.

    [/url] Untitled by passtherizla, on Flickr[/img]

    Premier Icon billyboy

    Bike commute to work on Fri/Sat/Sun in London….then sunshine and dust on the South Downs today. Preferred today…..but any day on a bike is a good day

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    (obviously different part of rivi to vortex)

    Not really Donk. thursday around Brinscall woods and the nab was exactly as you described it πŸ™

    Local round the village over the weekend has been snow free though.

    glad to hear Farleton knott is clear, may head up there this Wed night rather than the snow ridden Rivvy

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Yep good shout, we’re thinking of doing a nightride up there sometime, 1st time there, really liked it.

    Had a great ride to Alexander Palace along a disused railway line! Both pictured below.

    Alexandra Palace Ride by wilson.alasdair, on Flickr

    Alexandra Palace Ride by wilson.alasdair, on Flickr

    Managed to get from Hackney to my destination without the use of many roads!

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    No riding for me. Took kids to see grandparents and had two family days either side. Although just done a little brake testing in the back garden after shortening some hoses and repeated crashes during some drop off practice last weekend.

    Night ride tomorrow, first in months due to illness and workload. Cant wait and badly need the miles before a skills day in may.

    Premier Icon 154hopperavenue

    Session on the spin bike to get the weekend started and then a ride yesterday to see if they’re working (happy to report they are!).

    Just a bit of snow above Oxenhope…

    Premier Icon crispo

    Up on Longridge Fell on Friday and then Garburn Pass yesterday.

    A couple of great days of riding to sandwich in too much eating and drinking on Saturday and Sunday!


    Not had much luck lately. Went to the lakes a 22nd march – hoping to do Nan Bien. No chance of that with all the snow and end up high with axes and crampons. Went up Thrunton woods yesterday but most of it was un-rideable – managed hp sauce and one of the DH runs ~ not recommended in spd’s and frozen ruts πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon Clover

    the cuteometer has blown…

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