Monday Morning Debrief 18

April 1, 2013

So this was my first week as a free man having left my ‘proper job’ for the world of riding bikes and writing words.

Squint and you can see riders

And what better way to make the transition than a trip out to Sedona, Arizona for SRAM’s Trailhouse; a chance to ride new product in the warmth of the iconic red rock spired desert. Cactus lined singletrack with dust, more dust and rock that offers as much traction as you’re ever likely to need. Riding dehydrated and massively jet lagged did little to take away from the fantastic trails on offer, there’s an amazing network right on the edge of town all set in this amazing landscape. I’m determined to return and ride there again, the place is special.

Post ride beers

Fast forward to this weekend and it could;t be more different. No more t shirt and shorts weather, no more dry and dusty. Just the weird extended winter conditions we can’t seem to escape. Climbing out of the valley on snow covered trails until we hit the bits where the snow has drifted and we’ve no choice but to push or shoulder the bikes.

Back to reality

Normally fast descents become challenges to clear the drifts, body steering to keep it in a straight line. Then hitting the mud that lies in-between. It’s tricky to plan the route because we can’t predict what will be rideable and what will be a push.


And then we hit the south facing snow clear slopes and all is good again. One fast descent on predictable rock and sandy singletrack. One sweet section of the ride that makes everything okay again, a taste of how it should be. Can we have the warm spring now please?

Welcome home


How’s your weekend been so far then?

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