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  • ijs445ra

    They are generally marshals from tracks around the country as well as Silverstone. If you volunteer at your local track you may then get the chance for the GP

    MSA should have the answers

    Premier Icon thepurist

    I used to work with a guy who was a marshal – you generally have to do loads of club days, other race meetings etc before you get a chance at F1. He loved it though.

    You can find out more by turning up to Silverstone next weekend


    Nice one! Thanks for all the great info there 🙂


    Haven’t done it myself, but have a look at the Silverstone marshalling page.

    You probably have to do so many club events before being let out on the biggie.

    Did a day at Brands Hatch as a marshall, fantastic experience, so close to the action, although be aware its a VERY long day, tiring and you arent really spectating, you have to pay close attention to the racing etc. I would definitely give it another go in the future but it just sapped so much of my spare time. Really friendly bunch though, I can highly recommend it as a way of getting closer to motorsport without the cost!


    Just watched it on iPlayer. Apart from being an amazing race I also noticed the commentators saying the marshals are all volunteers. Has anybody done this? What’s it like? Is it supernaturally hard to get a chance to do it?


    I used to do it while at Uni and it was fantastic fun. Mainly did smaller club meets at Thruxton (closest circuit), but have also done BTCC and Brit GT a few times. Even had the pleasure of being on post at Brands with the chap who rugby tackled that nutter at the British GP years ago!

    If it appeals, and from your post clearly it does, then as others have said, get in touch with your local(ish) marshalling club and sign up and start doing it. You certainly won’t be at the British GP in your first year, you have to do a certain number of meetings and be good at it to do it. I think most are BRDC as well (which isn’t an issue really – you can still join the BRDC). The big events are good fun as the cars etc are impressive, but the most fun ones are the club events – much friendlier atmosphere and racing is generally better.

    Definitely give it a shot!


    An old mate used to marshall F1 he went and dit in in Adelaide for two years as well. He has a picture of Prost that would of made him millions if he had ever sold it.

    He used to drive in the Renault 5 series and then the Slick 50 Champs, ran out of money but wanted to still be involved so became a marshall.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Bit of a mate of a mate of a mate story this but my mate’s mate’s uncle had some role at Silverstone and managed to get a few places each year for my mate’s mate and him and a couple of others.

    Never got the chance myself unfortunately due to not knowing my mate’s mate quite well enough.

    He always had a good time though and had pretty much unfettered access to all points on the subject.

    If you don’t have friends in the right places I think it is somewhat more difficult to get a spot as they are not short of volunteers each year!


    Danny B

    Premier Icon totalshell

    Brit marshals are much in demand abroad especially in countries with no real motor racing culture ie middle east.

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