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  • London people – any good exhibitions on just now ?
  • Premier Icon hels
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    I have a day in the city on friday – anybody seen any good exhibitions recently ? Will be staying in Clapham then Essex but I have mastered your Tubes so can go anywhere.

    I like classic paintings on wall stuff, modern, installations etc in fact the weirder the better, I’m after some personal recommendations.

    Museum exhibition type things also good, bit of science etc. What I don’t like are hordes of screaming kids, or Rothko.

    And of course if it has Space Ships even better, although I doubt I will get away with this:

    Thanks !

    Premier Icon derek_starship
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    The museum of brands, packaging and advertising in Notting Hill is well worth a look.

    Google it. I went last week and really enjoyed it.

    Premier Icon CharlieMungus
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    the Wellcome collection, not to be be confused with the wing of the same name in the same museum is good

    Premier Icon mogrim
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    Elfinsafety’s been putting one on all day about his RL jumping, you could probably give him a call as he’ll still be at it on Friday?

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    The Wallace Collection – Marvellous, and a nice lunch spot as well.

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