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  • Leaking gel sachet
  • How can only part of a 38g sachet make such a ****ing mess of everything in my camelbak and a brand new gore soft shell jacket??

    Do they do this very often (its a High5) and now it’s gone hard, how do u get it off?

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    it’s like spunk in the bath. gets everywhere. Apparently….:)


    Ha ha ha ha!


    Just put the jacket though the wash that should remove it.

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    Yeah just put it through the washing machine, it’ll be fine! Imagine what 4 half eaten sachets do to a jersey after a summers race!


    I managed to get gel all over my sliding action mobile phone after one race.
    Had to take the whole thing to pieces as it was stuck solid… buttons, mechanism everything…horrid stuff.

    During races its hard to finish the stuff and trying to do my bit for ‘leave no trace’ on trails, I tuck the ’empty’ packs in my short leg, back pocket etc.. but every time I regret doing it as I end up a sticky sweaty mess.
    Someone needs to make a handlebar mount bin bag 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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