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  • Leaf blower + vac recommendations ?
  • jordie

    I bought a Flymo one 8 years ago and it’s been great , I have no idea of model but it been really handy around the garden.

    Are you positive you need a vac as well as a blower? I have a MTD combo which I rarely used as it’s so big and heavy, I bought a little husqvarna blower, not sure of the model but it’s the cheapest one, I use this all the time as it’s easy to walk round the garden using it one handed. I tend to either blow everything into a pile and get it with a shovel, or blow it under a handy bush.

    The husqvarna is also a fair bit quieter than the MTD.


    Vacs are pointless. Blow everything onto a path/pavement to sweep up or onto the grass to mow up.

    bit left-field, sorry, but need a leaf blower and vac 😆

    anyone recommend one ?


    I recomend not to buy a vac – just get a blower

    You want petrol or electric corded ?

    Avoid the bosch ones period – includes the liion ones . Too much plastic internals , they tend to self destruct.


    I destroyed my dads 12 year old Flymo one last year so am looking on eBay at the moment. 2nd hand flymo vac and blowers seem to be £25 or less….

    Premier Icon Marin No 8

    I use this one in work -http://www.husqvarna.com/uk/products/blowers/125bvx/ but hardly use the vacuum as unless the leaves are fairly dry it is more trouble than its worth. Plus the dust is something else. Very good as a blower and has made my life easier looking after 2 and a bit acres of garden. Great for fanning a fire too! 🙂


    One of the greatest purchases of my life… http://www.makitauk.com/product/outdoor-power-equipment/blowers/bbx7600-petrol-back-pack-blower.html

    4 stroke so it starts first time every time on normal unleaded.

    Not heavy


    Will blow ANYTHING away…. You feel like some sort of X-men god!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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