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  • Le tour photo finish pics, how do they work?
  • meeeee

    Can someone tell me why the photo finish pics look like they do? ie why is thebackground blurred and wheel spokes appear distorted? eg

    and on this one there’s four finish lines?


    That was an interesting read! thanks.


    i need to read it again to understand it 😳


    camera with very very very very narrow fov takes lots of piccies of the same thing at very high sampling rate and then sticks them together one after the other. though I may be wrong 😉


    Basically: in the days of film rather than a shutter opening once and exposing a whole frame of film at one instant the shutter was permanently open and the film moved along at the same speed as the leading runner/rider.

    With digital you have one column of pixels that takes an “image” every 1/10000th of a second or so then these are stitched together in software

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    Well, i’ve learned my thing today. I may close my brain to all new input.

    Sits back and lights imaginary pipe.

    Thanks Whitestone really good read and now going to learn more about it thank you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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