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    I’m planning on meeting a mate for a ride at Kinver Edge at some point his weekend but as neither of us have been there before where would be the best place to park? I’m guessing the National Trust car park but is there anywhere else?

    Also, is the bike park still there? I’ve searched for various bits of info about it and riding around there in general but everything I’v found seems quite a bit out of date.



    There’s tonnes of parking spots all much the same. One has a toilet block so could be good if you need the loo or want somewhere to change. There’s a coffee shop on the high street which I would ridiculously recommend for the cakes alone. Yes the massive jumps and few bits are still there but it doesn’t extend down to the lower section anymore. There’s plenty of lines spread all over and the odd hidden track. I hope you’re not driving from miles away


    Make sure you know which car par you decide on, the number of times I’ve had to try to direct lost ppl back to the car park is silly (when they light goes later in the year, you usually end up driving them round!). The easiest to find will be the sandpit car park by the rock houses on stone lane, but if it’s sunny it’s be packed and you won’t be parking close! I’d maybe suggest parking down near the ‘downhill’ area, it’s the last car park on Kingsford lane (by “Online car direct”, on google maps) about 100m’s before you get to 90 degree corner (the end of the edge), and the toilets are in the car park just a little bit back up the road (which is frequented by lots of single men).
    As you can imagine, if the car parks are packed, the edge will be quite busy too. I love the place, though as per GC it’s not huge or worth travelling miles to, but go ride there soon, as the NT are on a mission to destroy it.


    No they’re/we’re not


    I grew up riding around Kinver Edge on a bmx. We used to push up to the top of the hill opposite the old Rover Works and then bomb down. Happy days.

    Bear in mind that the edge itself is almost entirely cheeky. I’m not saying don’t ride there, but be aware. If it’s sunny, all the dogs in the universe will be over there for a dump in the sunshine.

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    Thanks for the tips folks. It’s just over halfway between me & my mate and thought we’d give it a go for a change and see how it is, so not too bothered about the travelling time.

    Extra big thanks for the tip on the cakes 🙂

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