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  • Is the Uberbike tubeless kit anygood? Also tyre inserts.
  • eulach
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    I bought some Juice Lubes sealant because it was cheap and it was horrible. What do you recommend? Functional and fancy valves are the top priority.

    And Part two: Is it worth paying double the price for Cushcore as for Nukeproof ARD?

    As alway, thanks for your comments, STW.

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    I’m happy with my Rimpact Pro inserts. They were on sale and much cheaper than Cushcore when I bought them. No punctures yet and I love the feel compared to no inserts.

    I just noticed there’s loads of options on the website now. I think mine must be the Pro V1 because they’re not the original model but I can’t remember seeing the V2 at the time.

    Also they came with fancy valves.

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    Part 2: from what I’ve read:

    Cushcore are an absolute PITA to fit and are heavy and expensive, and Nukeproof don’t last long

    I’ve used Rimpact. Easy to fit and made tubeless inflation effortless, relatively cheap, and light given how much protection they seem to offer. They get good reviews, too

    Plus, Rimpact are UK made I think, and us consumers have to help save the economy, right…?

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    Rimpact pros are my choice, I absolutely love them and they have saved me quite a lot in new tyres. I recently got a spare Nukeproof Horizon wheelset, it came with a set of Nukeproof ARDs which are sat in my shed as I got another set of Rimpact Pros. 🙂

    If you happen to be anywhere near Shrewsbury, you can have the ARDS for the price of a small coffee! I don’t have time to post them at the moment unfortunately so it would be collect…

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    Magic Milk Hi Fibre for me- performs pretty much the same as Stans, but is water based- it doesn’t dry out the same way as stans, but also you can water it down, literally just add a little water to the tyre and it re-dilutes it.

    The best valves, generally, are ones with big conical rubber bases, it’s just the right way to plug a hole, except on funny shaped (ie usually narrow) rims. I use the super cheap ones off aliexpress, they’re exactly the same as the WTB ones, but then I don’t use inserts so I wouldn’t benefit from the ones with sidey-holes.

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    steamtb, you’re just down the road, up the motorway, over the channel, across Germany, and over the mountains from me. But thanks for the offer though. Rimpacts seem to be the way forward.

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    :O 🙂

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