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  • IPod shuffle or new memory card for my phone?
  • Jamie

    Sounds like a no brainer to me. Just get a new mem card.

    Especially when you can get a Sony M2 4GB from Play.com for £9.99 inc del.


    I would get a shuffle purely to save the battery on your phone. I use my shuffle loads and very rarely need to charge it. My phones battery is always on its way out.

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    get the shuffle – but get the smaller memory for less cash

    its v light, can be operated on the move without looking at it easily and the battery life is vey good

    only drawback it the lack of playlists – its either listen to things in the order they are, or shuffle everything. that’s why i say to get the smaller one. i end up plugging it in to charge and change the contents most times it needs charging. larger capacity becomes less relevant if you use it that way – even 1Gb is c200-250 songs ime


    trying to decide between an iPod shuffle and a new memory stick for my phone which has a pretty good MP3 player on it. I’ve been using my phone when i’m out on runs or riding to work but wanting a few more than the 6 albums i can fit on there so was looking at a new 4gb iPod shuffle for £60. but i can get a new M2 4gb card for the phone for £15 so from a financial point of view the memory card makes a lot of sense but is the iPod shuffle a good bit of kit that a should have? i dont want a nano cos thats just too much money at the moment.

    The newest gen. Ipod Shuffle does playlists (assume that’s the one the OP meant at £70).

    I got one on a whim. Then read teh ilounge review whilst waiting for it to be delivered and they slated it.

    Got it, have used it a few times and personally I think it’s cracking. I Ijust wanted something small and cheaper that if I mangled wouldn’t be quite so bad as trashing my Classic.

    Latest gen. Shuffle is just 3 buttons on the right earpiece for volume and skip etc. Talks to you too, bit odd. Teeny tint size as well.

    Not sure it’s worth £70 for the price the older ones are going for but way better than I thought it would be from the review. Reviews eh, they’re not just bollocks in the MTB press 😉

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    i have just a phone with a decent mem card. much more practical. i use it all the time. i`ve not noticed any issued with the battery life – yes its shorter if i use the mp3 bit alot but i accept that.

    saves on crud to carry about with you and you never forget it.

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