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  • iPhone on wifi: can I set default network?
  • my iphone 4 does it fine…

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    Did you do anything specific to tell it 4xj?
    I'm running iOS4 (on a 3GS) so it should be the same.

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    Is there anyway to tell the iPhone that it should always prefer to use a certain wifi network?

    I'm on O2 so I get handy free access to BTOpenZone networks.
    One such network is in range of my house, so my iPhone keeps trying to use that instead of my home wifi (despite the home signal being stronger).

    Bit of a pain in the arse – especially when trying to access stuff on my network!

    Anyway to specify a "favourite"?


    Go to the 'wi-fi networks' bit of the menu. On the list of networks, press the wee blue circle for the Openzone stuff, then in the options for that select 'Forget this network'

    Means you'll have to log back on to Opnezone next time you use it but should help just now.


    Well the first thing you should do is cancel your broadband subscription. 😉

    Free internet here you come.

    open wifi
    turn it on
    select desired network
    enter wpa key

    once that is done:

    ask to join networks should be done as this prevents mis matching

    please not if u leave ure signal area the phone will want to connect to bt open zone, a turn off and on of the wifi should rectify this

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    Free internet here you come.

    🙂 Sadly the speed is crap and I only pick it up downstairs (I think it is a nearby pub).

    forget network… turn off and on wifi

    Yeah that's what I'd rather avoid. It's easy to fix by going to Settongs and selecting the right network, but it's just a minor pain to have to do this every day.

    Likewise I don't want to have to re-confirm BT OpenZone every day at work.

    In Windows you can set the order of preference for known wifi networks, I was kind of hoping that Apple, in its "it just works" kinda way, might have thought about this for a mobile device that frequently hops between networks 🙄

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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