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    Just switched my wifes iPhone 4 from O2 to Virgin Sim Only when her contract ended.

    It’s been fine.

    I’ve cut down SIMS before and it’s fine to do that if you use a fresh blade in a Stanley knife.

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    I have a black 16gb iPhone 4 I’m waiting for Orange to unlock and I will then sell it. Comes with a LifeProof case and is in A1 condition.

    email in profile if you’r einterested.

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    [edit] having said all that I’d phone Virgin and get them to confirm that the SIM/phone/them are all compatable before spending any money…

    [edit 2] It’s got 16Gb of memory, not 8.


    I have this set up but I had to do a bit of faffing to get the 3g to work.

    Virgin told me they dont officially support the iphone 4 and they can not provide you with APN settings.


    Do they work ok together?

    I’m thinking about buying a new unlocked iphone 4 for my daughter to use on her existing virgin mobile contract. I appreciate that the iPhone needs a micro-SIM where as her current phone has on old ‘standard’ SIM card. Should I phone Virgin and ask for a new microSIM or just cut down her existing SIM to the right size and shape? I’ve read some older threads on various forums saying that Virgin and IPhone aren’t compatible for internet in the UK??

    I’m hoping that one of you will be along shortly to say its all fine.


    Cheers for the replies. Wwaswas, unfortunately my little princess has her heart set on a white one…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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