Inspired by the 'Rate My Brickie' thread? What are your building plans for 2013?

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  • Inspired by the 'Rate My Brickie' thread? What are your building plans for 2013?
  • mcmoonter

    Who’s been inspired to build a shed this coming year?

    I fancy a bash at building an elevated studio along the lines of a US Forestry Service fire lookout tower. I’ve found the glass and I’ve got a big stash of timber. I just need some roofing material and something big to make the legs from.

    We have a big Oak which has been uprooted and is caught up in the canopy of a neighbouring tree. If it falls it wont endanger anything. My hope is a big January storm will bring it down. Its trunk is straight for about twenty feet and probably three feet in diameter. Hopefully I could get it milled into big square posts.

    Not the stuff an architect, quantity surveyor or planner would like, but it’ll fit in well with the vernacular here.


    yup.supershed in a footflaps style(without any dodgey brickies) .it will have stove and a turntable in the floor. πŸ™‚


    This will be keeping me busy for 2013.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I plan on moving our 6×4′ shed from a windy end of garden to sheltered.


    finish the dining room. Not a massive project I know, but it’s taken me 9 months to get it 30% done.


    New garage and utility room for our place πŸ™‚
    I’m doing nothing thuogh – leave that to the pros!


    should really finish that new bathroom window frame, its been a while…only needs a bit of paint and glass ordering….


    Dismantling an old barn and moving it 2 miles to then rebuild into a new wood store, garage also needs re roofing.
    Also hope to rebuild a barn find series 2 pick up, if the price is right (fingers crossed)

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Just had our attic converted to give us two more rooms and some extra cupboard space. So 2013 will mostly be spent decorating.

    b r

    So far this year, I’ve built a Tack Room for my wife and floored one of the outbuildings as a workshop, 12m x 4m πŸ™‚ Also put in a 40m French Drain.

    I’ve just spent the last 3 months stripping out a Threshing Machine to make a Dining Room, next big project is to renovate the kitchen.

    Thinking of an island unit (about 2.5m * 1.5m) built from the reclaimed Mahogany out of the Thresher with a polished concrete top – anyone done this?


    3 storey 60sqm extension here including integral garage / workshop in the basement. Can’t wait.


    Selling our terraced house to buy a semi or detached.

    Sort out soffits and guttering, replace the roof on the covered patio out the back and build an outdoor fireplace/bbq.

    Bit easier than the climbing wall i built in the garage this year

    Extension for an extra bedroom with a large lounge beneath opening into the garden – again leaving this one to the pros, I have vehicles to fix!


    Extension to the front giving the kids some extra space in there bedrooms plans done just need a bit moreΒ£’s
    then the work starts

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    Replace conservatory with proper room, extend upstairs over new room and garage. Will get two bigger bedrooms plus new master and on suite. All subject to mortgage company though!


    I plan on finding a house to buy since I sold the last one. I’m sure that’ll come with it’s own list of building/project plans.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Demolish existing consevatory and extend house just beyond its existing footprint then knock through kitchen into dining room and take existing back wall out to create a large kitchen diner and family room plus a wet room and rear lobby. Will also be blocking up between the dining room and lounge so lounge will be for the adults + film watching.

    A newpotting shed, workshop and bike store are on the cards too.

    Defintely one for the pros.

    Edit… Forgot changes to bathroom too. 2013 is going to cost a few quid. No new bikes for me.


    Will also be blocking up between the dining room and lounge so lounge will be for the adults + film watching.



    Whatever I get asked to build…

    Maybe it’ll be mcmoonter’s studio.. πŸ˜‰


    Sharki, if you are around you’d be welcome.

    Moving house after Christmas.

    I reckon within a few weeks, half the plaster will be off the chimney breast with a mind to enlarge the pitifully small fireplace, hopefully I’ll find a larger opening thats been bricked up with the old lintel still ready to do its job.

    Then sort out the hearth and possibly a liner, stick a multifuel in there, unless we get a tempting price from an installer, I reckon I’ll be doing it myself and getting to know the council building regs guy.

    Then I need to dig out a level drive, but I reckon it will be worth paying someone with a big digger to do the donkey work in a day, as despite it being a bit of a laugh, I can see it taking me a month using a mini digger, and probably the same time to tidy up afterwards.


    Rewiring all the house to get rid of the 1950s wiring and the 6 mm cable to the garage for. A propper 10mm job and a propper garage breaker unit to give me a 32 amp fused supply for my welder – currently the welder makes the cables jump …. So i dont weld from the garage.

    Starting on the 27th , hoping to have all the wiring run and facias and ragling done by 31st

    Hopefully get my ninety build at least started πŸ™‚

    Professionally i’ve got loads of potential/current brickies to train and assess.

    Personally a new man cave now my kitchen alterations have finally concluded.
    Hmm, i can see a future career in bike shed/man cave erection in the future.

    First task is to renovate the last room in current house which hasnt been decorated since the 50’s, is missing a ceiling and currently used as Katie’s workshop. Sell house. Then low energy new build on tight London brownfield site. Suspect it’s going to be a stressful year and the project will still only be about 50% complete, if that, in 12 months time.


    I need to put a roof on my four walls to create a garage, plus loads of decoration and garden work.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    McM that looks fantastic. If you need a labourer, give us a shout!


    I might get round to blocking up the external door into the utility room that we never use – it’s only been 10 years!
    More realistically I need to build a new wood store.

    New garage and rearrange/rebuild the kitchen.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    More realistically I need to build a new wood store.

    Now you’re talking! πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Jobs for me: build a small stud wall with internal door. Knock together a woodstore (in springtime).

    Jobs for the Pros: loft conversion (half of bungalow roofspace), replace conservatory with solid structure. Both of these mean new kitchen + bathroom.

    Job for the uber-Pros: remove asbestos* ceiling in garage.

    *30% amosite (“brown” asbestos) – as grizzly as it gets.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Admittedly it’s a slightly less challenging project than footflaps’ shed turned out to be, I intend to build a nuclear bunker. A mile under a mountain. On the moon. That or a fully functioning, full size death star.

    *eagerly awaits threads on all these projects!*

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