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  • cfinnimore

    They’re bloody brilliant.

    Buy one.

    Edit: Go oooooooon.

    fatsimon mk2

    so one I know is quite intrested in one so does anyone have one or any experience of one


    What he said ^


    Last year I worked out I could go to LA & buy one, have a ten day MTB holiday & return to the UK with it cheaper than you could buy one here 8)


    I’ve had mine for a year now and it is just class.

    Buy one!

    Yep, I had one for just over year. Wasn’t that impressed. The kit on it is pretty cheap and nasty. The headset is awful and the brakes are really dire. Which is fine. But the frame isn’t really much to write home about either and that’s the whole point of this bike.
    It’s really good uphill but downhill it’s just hard work and not confidence inspiring at all. The key problem is that it is so flexible, it squirms really badly.
    My thinking was that at least if I got a good frame then I’d be happy to upgrade the kit on it as it wore out. But in fact I didn’t think the frame was worth the effort really.
    I think there are lots of much better bikes about for that money.

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    Interesting. I’ve always wanted a Mojo (having never ridden one), and this seemed a reasonable way to get one!

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    The mrs has had one for about 9 months now, she loves it, she changed the brakes to shimano at purchase, she got a dropper at the same time and it’s now running tubeless. she’s used it for surrey hills, afan and the sani2c and is very pleased with it having had a kona one20 before

    Sorry, I was being a tad over the top there. I’ll try to be more reasonable this time…
    The brakes are rubbish.
    My headset was also rubbish. Kept coming loose and seizing up as well.
    Gears were ok.
    It goes like stink up hills. Good on technical uphills which is my favourite bit of riding.

    However when crossing ruts at a very shallow angle (ie almost parallel to the ruts) or going over the edge of stones etc you can really feel the back end squirming to the side. More than I thought it should do.

    It goes down easy hills fine but really doesn’t make me want to do anything bouldery or technical downhill. This may just be the long stem and narrow bars, or may just not be the target market for this bike.

    eg the top bit of Cavedale was just horrible. Down Jacobs ladder wasn’t much fun. However up the easy side of Jacobs was nice and up from Hollins Cross up the stepped flagstones to Mam Tor was brilliant.

    Up – Good
    Along – ok
    Down – not so good.

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    Meh, I’m ok with that, I like the idea of something that’s quick, but with a little more ‘squish’ than my Top Fuel, if it’s too far removed from my race bike I’ll just find it slow and never ride it!

    It stays on the list 😀


    My headset was also rubbish. Kept coming loose and seizing up as well.

    This applies to an awful lot of new bikes – it’s a point of purchase upgrade thing for me these days, because I know that inevitably I’m going to have to replace the stock headset within six months, or else strip, clean and regrease every couple of weeks during the winter months.

    The headsets that came with both of my Marins were utter bobbins.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Can’t say I’m hugely worried by that, they’re a consumable really.

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