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  • Hubs?
  • Premier Icon repatriot
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    Right, I am looking at some new wheels and want a pair of hand made if possible!
    Chosen a rim 819 and some spokes but what hubs..
    Hope are the popular choice but has anybody anything to say about the Superlegga hubs, good or bad. They work out cheaper than a hope pro 2.
    What about good old XT hubs, they are very cheap in comparison and I still have some pre disc wheels from 10 years back and still work well.
    Any helpful considerations?

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    I've got some Hopes that are getting on for 9 years old and after a strip and regrease a couple of weeks ago are as good as new again (still running on the origional bearings too) I haven't used the superstar hubs so can't offer any comment on them.
    Shimano hubs are fine as long as you're confident and happy to strip them down and regrease regularly and keep the cones adjusted, I ran XTR hubs before the Hopes, probably still would be if I hadn't made the switch to discs from vee's.

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    Should of titled it 'Pubs'
    Might of actually got a bit more interest!
    I had some hope hubs on an old bike and was happy but they were in bad shape when I sold the bike but they could of been rebuilt.
    Interested in the Superleggas as an alternative!
    Hadley hubs are another option?

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    check the comments on here:
    comments on supperleggeras

    i'd stick with hope if I were you. Hadley too boutique and difficult to get spares for. Hope made in Barnoldswick. 'nuf said.

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    Just get Hopes, you won't be sorry & if you are Hope will make 'unsorry' with their after sales service.

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