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  • Howgill Fells
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    It’s been a looooong time since I’ve been up here and I’ve done the classic route in both directions IE start in Sedburgh, Settlebeck Gill, the Calf, Bowerdale Beck, Ravonstonedale, Harter Fell, Wandale Sedburgh.

    The return leg is a bit MEH so I was looking at some alternatives. I was thinking of climbing Bram Rigg to the Calf then coming down White Fell then going up Settlebeck Gill and doing the Bowerdale Beck as an out and back.

    So anyone got experience of climbing or coming down Bram Rigg and White Fell (which is best to come down/climb ?), or does anyone have any alternative routes they’d be willing to share (preferably with a GPS but not essential). Don’t mind cheeky either. Thanks.

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    Bookmarked as I’m overdue a trip up there. Sorry nothing to add OP but will ask whether the ground is dry enough at the moment.

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    I thought the return was fine – nice and varied but hey-ho.

    I’ve run along (but not biked) the ridge to the west of Bowderdale and thought that it could be a suitable return route after going down Bowderdale. Turn left before you get to the fell gate. It’s grassy and all cheeky but there is a quad bike track to follow.

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    That would be Dales Highway on the OS whitestone ?

    Maybe the return is better than I remember. I just remember the slog up the tarmac from Ravenstonedale and then lots of farm tracks, but it was a looooong time ago.

    Just been looking at the short dashed line and field tracks from the Calf to Bush Howe, Breaks Head, Fell Head, Knowles and Gibbet Hill…. that could be a long downhill if anyone can vouch for that ?

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    Yes it’s marked as that on the 1:25K map.

    There’s lots of tracks up there especially along the ridges, some are fine but some become lost in tussocks or steep bracken covered hillsides.

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    The return is probably better than slogging all the way back up Bram Rigg. just returning up Bowderdale or the way Whitestone suggests and descending round the other side of Winder to Sedbergh beats that.

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    Likewise interested to hear about Howgill routes…

    I’ve biked (as in mainly carried) up White Fell from Howgill. It’s an okay way up but bloody steep and I can’t see it making a great descent unless 45 degree tussocks are what does it for you. It’s nice when you’re on the plateau with a good path along the valley head round to the Calf.

    I’ve also biked down the ridge west of Bowderdale (Hazelgill Knotts), first time I biked up there and undershot the Bowderdale turn. It made for a logical route and a shorter round than the classic – down the ridge towards Ravenstonedale then back up Bowderdale – but the ridge is pretty broad and soggy and doesn’t ride very well.

    That descent from the Calf down the ridge to Winder and down to Sedbergh is one of my favourites.

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