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  • How much to re-do bathroom?
  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    you can price up the bath/shower/toilet/sink/taps etc yourself once you choose something you like.

    We’re looking at the thick end of £2k on top of that to get ours refitted 🙁 But it does involve moving stuff around and fittign a separate shower plus pumpage.


    I appreciate that this is a bit of a how long is a piece of string question, but realistically how much do we need to save to pay someone to come in and do the work (inc. buying the suite / materials)?

    Depends on so many things. Get some quotes and find out – that’ll cost you nothing?

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Get some quotes and find out – that’ll cost you nothing?

    Except perhaps your nerves!


    Except perhaps your nerves!

    …see the ‘tradesman’ thread from yesterday for pointers 😉

    Premier Icon dropoff

    Where are you based and when do you need it doing ?


    Where are you based and when do you need it doing ?

    We’re in Oxfordshire and we’re looking at doing it in the next couple of years depending how much it costs / what other expenses get in the way first!

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Most I spent was around 3k, but that did mainly go on some very expensive Italian tiles. Of that, £1500 was on new loo, basin and shower with all fittings – from The Bathstore.

    Premier Icon dropoff

    Ah, bit of a way off for me. Will jot down some costs for you later.


    We’ve got a small bathroom with just enough space for the sink, loo and shower over bath. All of the walls are tiled and the floor is carpeted.

    We want is to replace the suite and tiles with something from this century, tile the floor (instead of carpet), change the light fitting (it’s not currently building regs compliant!) and extractor fan and replace the radiator with a ladder jobbie with elec. heating element for the summer.

    I appreciate that this is a bit of a how long is a piece of string question, but realistically how much do we need to save to pay someone to come in and do the work (inc. buying the suite / materials)? Thanks.


    Are we better off to buy the suite / tiles etc ourselves and get it fitted or go to someone who can supply the suite and fit? Thanks.

    Where are you Dropoff? We need some guidance as well!

    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    just done ours. the suite might be the cheapest thing. taps are silly money. and tiles can get a bit silly as well. and the floor. and the paint.
    My Dad did the plumbing and fitted the suite and the shower, we paid someone to do the tiling and the floor, and we did all the painting.
    suite – 500 quid b+q special
    shower glass thingy – 150 quid ffs
    leccy shower – 200 quid for a nice one
    tiling 400?
    floor – 150
    paint – 200 at least
    plumbing bits – stupid amounts easy 300 quid with taps
    some wiring – couple of hundred for the consumer unit etc.
    So i’d call it 3K to be safe.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    you can buy a suite taps et al for 300
    tiling from 25 quid a metre plus tiles floor tiles.. no dont do it.. water exists in your bathroom 99% of times it goes under the floor.. guess what has to come up in times of distress no.. lino was good enough for your gran..
    a basic well done good value complete bathroom ( showers etc) will cost 3 -3500 and thats in less than affluent Rochdale

    Premier Icon dropoff

    Ok here’s a rough idea of times. Obviously this will depend upon the state of the bathroom at the mo and whether it will be necessary to keep the loo working whilst the works are carried out.

    To remove existing suite and tiling and make good to walls,
    Renew existing underfloor pipework and lay in wall to shower mixer.
    Fit new bath.
    Fit new shower mixer
    Check existing flooring for soundness and screw down. Overboard with 12mm wpb ply screwed and glued.
    Tile walls
    Tile floor
    Fit sanitaryware.

    So approx 6 days x 2

    Cost of labour will depend upon area and to some extent what suite you choose but if you estimate between £250 – £300 a day for two people you shouldn’t be too far out.

    Material costs vary massively, suites can be between £250 and £2500 try to steer clear of the stuff from the DIY chains.

    Tiles are personal but your fitter may be able to supply at a much better price than you can get them ( I do 🙂 )

    Try to spend as much as you can afford on your shower mixer, I always try to spec Mira Excel’s fit and forget last for ever.

    There’s bound to be more but it’s been along day

    Hope that helps.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    My dad just did mine for free, excepting the cost of a new toilet, tub, sink, and supplies. Even so, I think I’m up at around £2200 in costs.

    EDIT: I should add that the room is tiny, and that it needed to be re-plastered.


    Thanks Guys, I’ll do a bit more research, but think we probably need about £3k+ available so that we don’t have to do it on the cheap!

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I did mine recently – £1200 for new suite, £250 for Power shower, £100 for floor, £100 for tiles and a couple of WEs of my labour.


    I’m most(ish) of the way through doing mine at the moment.

    sink-£35 (end of line)
    bog- £45
    taps-£45 (thats a single mixer for the sink/double mixer/shower for the bath , on ebay not crap ones either.
    plumbing fittings/pipework-£135 (screwfix)
    light fitting-£12
    still to buy tiles,paint,door moulding and door.
    I’ve been at it for over a week and I’ve had enough!!!!

    At the end of the day it depends how flash you want your bathroom to be , we’ve been lucky to get decent quality stuff at knockdown prices that actually match. It’s to replace a 50+ year old council suite , anything would’ve been an improvement.

    Premier Icon cp

    Wow. We did ours with a b and q kit. New suite, pull out old shower put in mixers off combi boiler, new floor… All told was in the region of 6-700 quid. Took two guys two days to do.

    Massive variation, need to see what local tradesmen cost & how much you want to pay for the suite.


    Don’t forget to get the sparkie to wire for a heat pad behind the mirror.

    To do the job properly you will need to lift the floor and re-plumb, take off all the old tiles and skim, rewire the ceiling for halogen lights then fit new sanitaryware etc, use Mermaid shower boards if you dislike tiles, they are pricey but there’s no grout to go mildewey after a couple of years.

    £2000 to £4000 depending on who does the work and the quality of the fittings.

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    We went to our local bathroom shop and got some ex display stuff – loads cheaper and good quality.

    The guy in there said there were places to save and places to spend. He said to get a good shower wall (We got a Kholer one) and a good toilet – everything else, except maybe the shower, you can save on and on cheap. We did get good taps though.

    We did ours for around £3k including fitting. This included a thermostatic shower/bath valve, heated mirror.

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    Depends what you want. My wife chose expensive stuff and I tiled the whole room. I reckon it was about £4k for the lot and I did it myself. I think fitters will probably charge you about £160/day? Maybe 10 days if it’s straightforward. Having said that my m+d are getting theirs done for £13k . . . 😯

    Rough realistic prices from a recent quote for a job I won, customer supplied suite, taps, tiles etc……

    Strip out and dispose of old inc. skip £230
    Strip tiling and make good to retile £10 pm2
    Install mixer shower valve BIV inc pipe work to roof space £150
    Install 3pc suite, Bath, Basin, W/C £300
    Wall tiling inc adhesive and grout and primers £25pm2
    Over board floor with Hardie backer cement board £120
    Floor tiling inc. flexible adhesive and grout £40pm2
    fit bath screen £25

    Tiles expect to pay £15+ per meter for something half decent, I have 600x400mm Slate in mine and cost £17.50m2

    Suite – Don’t skimp on the bath if you’re using it as a shower too, I got a Bette twin ended steel bath for mine for £50 in a clearout…

    Taps etc – Don’t buy cheap taps, get quality taps cheap (I bought a load from Ebay for my own house, good quality manuf. do some reaserch and look for names, I didn’t pay over £20 a set for a £150 rrp tap)

    Get a good shower valve. I like Mira Excel but a little plasticy, I have a Cifial in mine.

    Do a lot of research and you’ll find good deals, Ebay has been ace for my own personal house, I recently refitted our bathroom with top spec everything and all in materials cot me £1050….

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Without going mad but getting decent quality kit we did almost the same as you are intending for £1,400 labour plus about £1,000 in suite, tiles, towel rail, shower, screen etc.

    In my last house I did it cheaper but I didn’t have kids then! Best bit about my job was it was all done while I was on holiday and I cam back to a beautiful beathroom and the last century relic is but a distant memory!

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