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  • How much does your 160mm bike weigh?
  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    34 ish (on a good day)

    EX721 Wheels
    Marz 55 Coil Front
    RP23 rear
    Dropper post
    2.35 minions
    Hope Tech M4’s on 200mm Floating
    760mm NP Warhead bars

    Light enough to ride all day and have fun downhill

    Drop the rear coil if anything, good air shocks are good these days


    It’s currently 180mm and 37lbs but when I eventually get a new shorter fork it should be about 35lbs, that’s about what it was last time. It’s a Santa Cruz Bullit so it’s never gonna be properly light weight anyway.

    28lbs to 34lbs with pedals depends on the route to play in regards to nature of bike.

    About 34lb.

    Lapierre Spicy
    Hope/Stans Flow Wheels
    Maxxis Minion DHF dual plys tubeless
    2×9, soon to be 2×10
    Air both ends
    No dropper post yet
    Renthal bars

    I ride everything on it. XC, DH, week in the Alps and I race Gravity Enduros too.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Depends. Day to day, about 29lbs. Alped up, about 34lbs (largely in the wheels and tyres). It could easily be lighter but it’d be a tradeoff.

    Currently about 33lbs I think but the frame is a couple of lbs heavier than a nukeproof mega. used for gravity enduro races, 2 alps holidays and trail centre riding.

    Last Herb FR with monarch plus
    Bos deville
    hope/flows with schwalbe hans dampf tubeless
    1×9 (32 or 34 x 11-34T)
    hope m4’s
    reverb post
    slx cranks

    Only reason I haven’t got a new frame to drop the weight further is because I know mine is bombproof. Can launch jumps and drops and not worry about bottoming out.

    How’s/what’s the last herb like?
    They look tastiful! 8)


    IMG_1694.jpg by Ewan Panter, on Flickr

    Finished building it last night, 34.75lb on scales that are actually accurate….

    Dirtbiker – if your frame is a couple of pounds heavier than the mega, where is a weight premium on my build? Only thing I can think of is the front mech + chain ring. The rest appears the same? Maybe the forks (coil lyriks) – would welcome suggestions!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Devilles are about a half kilo lighter than coil lyriks.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    F Mech, fork and maybe the tubless if I were to guess


    SC Heckler (Large frame)
    Fox Talas 36 (120-160)
    EX721 Pro II rear CK front
    Conti Mountain King 2.2 rear 2.4 front
    Holzefeller bars
    Hope Tech M4
    3×9 XT



    It’s tubeless already – kevlar single ply hirollers which are quite light.

    Didn’t realise the devilles are so light – that’s the difference rigght there…


    Mine weighs 34lbs, coil both ends, 1×10, lightish but dependable build, would not change a thing to ride anything in the alps or whistler, that’s hitting the big bike park jumps etc without debating the capability of my bike, so 100% trust.

    I could blow a load of money to get the bike lighter, maybe down to 31lbs without going ott and losing loads of strength, is this in line with what others have?

    Is dropping to 31lbs, only a little from the wheels ~200g if that, is it going to make a worthwhile improvement on xc (trail or whatever you want to call it) rides?


    my 160 bike (mega) weighs a bit more than my 130 (pa).

    i really must buy some scales


    Another Heckler (Large, 06)
    Magura Wotan
    DHX5 coil
    Schwalbe Wicked Will FR Evo tyres (tubeless)
    Deore/SLX drivetrain, 1×10 w/Gamut P20
    Gravity Dropper and Charge Spoon
    Sunline bars and PRO FRS stem
    Formula K18 203/180

    33lbs exactly (according to cheap luggage-scales).

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Lol my Heckler some days weighs the same as my 456 (in 150/160 mode)

    Both built with the same idea – fast fun hard

    hmmm, Alpine 160 with coils front and rear, GD, saint cranks and easton f(l)atboy pedals, minions… I reckon 35lbs is being hopeful!


    My Absolut sx weighs quite a bit more than my trance but rides much better.

    I have no idea on actual weights

    Pitch, 1×9, coil both ends. Light chain device, tubeless and no adjustable seatpost has mine at 31lbs.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Intense slopestyle mk 1
    Coil rear, lyrik coil front
    3×9 full XTR (soon to be double and bash)
    King hubs on ex729s
    minion f+r single ply 2.35
    36.01 lbs


    Giant Reign x1 about 44 lbs


    about 35 lbs…
    Orange Alpine 160
    CCDB coil rear
    Lyrik air front
    SS-AMX wheels with downhill tyres

    Yeah Ewan, as everyone has already said devilles and single front ring will drop a big chunk of weight. I went from air totems and 2×9 to the above setup in almost one go and dropped about 3lbs.

    Onceinalifetime – Love mine, the 165 FR is almost exactly the same as the old 140mm AM, just a slightly thicker downtube for rock strikes/ability to run 180 forks and a different shock. Really really good at sucking up trail chatter, many a time have I stopped to check the rear tyre hasn’t dropped in pressure, its leverage ratio means its great at sucking up big drops (5+ft to flat / 10ft+ to transition) and great at trail centre style riding. Only down sides are weight and DH style riding its progressive ratio rather than linear means it struggles. But hey can’t have linear and progressive at the same time.


    Looks like STW tends towards more gravity orientated builds on their 160mm bikes then.

    No real chance of ditching coil suspension, big hit performance and composure is too good to compromise on. This is coming from really good air sus too.


    About 30lb, with pedals.

    Ibis mojo hd, fox 36 air forks, ccdb air shock, rockshox reverb, dt 5.1ex rims, hans dampf 2.3 tyres (tubeless), 2x 9 drivetrain

    The thought just crossed my mind in typical stw shocker, ”was there a need to make this thread”

    Ermmmm… the jury is out on this one.


    34lbs – Orange Blood with RP23 and Lyriks. Still the bike I reach for when I want a rest though 😉 (singlespeed XC bike and BMX are both circa 26lbs).


    29lbs all Alp’d up


    29lbs all Alp’d up

    Blimey what 160mm bike weighs 29lb in alps mode? (assuming alps mode is double ply tyres etc)


    someone here just got a digital bathroom scales so here’s my first attempt at weighing a bike (really!).

    El Guapo medium (155mm alright, suck it)
    2 x 10 mostly SLX
    Hope Flow, tubeless Advantage/Minion
    No dropper post
    some mud.
    er.. no stickers or reflectors.

    about 13.3kg.. 29lbs?
    How boringly normal! but suggests i could get to 27 or something if i really wanted to.. i’m a big believer in ride feel, suspension and tyres, being more important than weight on scales though.

    Premier Icon Popocatapetl

    Remedy 9, 29lbs. Currently fitted with a Maxxis highroller Maxpro 60A up front and 2.35 HR lust rear and CB Acid 2 pedals. Talas 36 120-160 up front. Easton Haven wheels and bars. Elixir CR brakes 180/180. Reverb post. 3×10 XT chainset. XTR shifters, XTR front mech and rear D’. 😀

    A shade under 28lbs

    Pronghorn PR6 Trail
    Float 160 FIT RLC/RP2
    American Classic MTB26 wheels
    TRP Dash Carbon brakes
    Various carbon finishing bits

    It surprises me how light it really is. Weight is based on me holding bike – me, on our bathroom scales


    Just finished building my El Guapo and that came out at 34lbs.

    Large El Guapo
    Cane Creek DB air
    Fox Talas 36r
    Hope hubs with XM321 rims, Panaracer Rampage tyres
    XT double cranks, e13 bash, X0 mech and shifters
    Carbon bars, very old answer seatpost, On One stem


    18 inch Orange Alpine. All standard apart from 2 ply minions, Syncros FR31 bars and Gusset Slim Jim pedals comes in at 15.42kg (34lb dead). Not tried to lighten it yet. Might go back to single ply tires now i’m back in the UK.

    Maverick ML8 – 31lbs

    XTR 2 x 10
    Talas 36s
    Bonty Rhythm Pro scandium wheels

    Had it down to 29lbs at one point with lighter parts and tyres but it rides really well now and still climbs brilliantly.

    Frame is 7lbs so relatively lightweight build kit I guess?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Ewan – Member

    Blimey what 160mm bike weighs 29lb in alps mode? (assuming alps mode is double ply tyres etc)

    Hmmmmmm. If I was to stick with my Traversees, and SX-carcass Specialized tyres (sort of ply-and-a-half) but with minimal sealant, and lose the dropper post and keep my lighter pedals on it, and go with an air fork- Float or Deville, and 1×10 it… Yeah, I’d not be so far off it I reckon. And that’s not a particularily light frame.

    But tbh I’d sooner have it bombproof, adaptable, and heavy.


    My Nicolai Helius FR is somewhere between 34 & 35lbs with…..

    36 Vans and CCDB shock with ti spring
    Flows with big volume rubber
    XT drivetrain
    The One brakes
    Reverb Post

    The lightest I’ve had it is 32lbs dead with 36 Floats and an air can at the back, but TBH it rides way better with coil at both ends so I’m happy to put up with the extra weight.


    Hmmmmmm. If I was to stick with my Traversees, and SX-carcass Specialized tyres (sort of ply-and-a-half) but with minimal sealant, and lose the dropper post and keep my lighter pedals on it, and go with an air fork- Float or Deville, and 1×10 it… Yeah, I’d not be so far off it I reckon. And that’s not a particularily light frame.

    That wouldn’t count as alpified in my book… double ply tyres, sealant, uppy down post, coil shock etc.

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    Cube Fritzz…31lb at present. Add another pound or so for the alps when it gets Minions put on

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Dont know what it weighs but its light and just done 2 great weeks in the Alps

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