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  • How much does your 160mm bike weigh?
  • tpbiker

    Just weighed my Enduro on luggage scales

    Enduro Expert Frame
    Marz 55 micro ti air forks
    High Roller 2.35 single ply on Stans flows
    XT/SLX kit
    Dropper post

    Came in at 31 all in. Feels alot heavier.

    Premier Icon flowmtbguy

    My 2012 Patriot is about 32-33 lbs with Van180 forks, 1×9, CCDB coil shock – thompson post+stem. Formula RX brakes.

    The main weight savings are in the Easton Havoc wheelset and a set of Minion EXO tyres set up tubeless. Still got 2.5 tyres, and big hit performance, but not a lot of weight 🙂

    Tried it with a Float RP23 shock, so lost a fair bit more, but was a bit of a trapdoor feeling – shock was off an alpine 160, so likely needed a different tune to handle the extra leverage.

    My Five is now pushing 30lbs – just got a Marz 44RC3 ti fork on there – first ride about to commence this PM..


    Stanton slackline, fox 36’s 160mm, hope brakes, headset, BB, stem, Nukeproof hubs and bars, spank subrosa rims, minion front, high roller II rear…

    31.5lbs, built tough

    Hob Nob

    I built mine with a view in mind that although light, it would last. So far it’s done 2 Mega’s, a load of uplift days, some DH races, all sorts of trail riding, some enduro races etc – so pretty much everything.

    No issues with anything. The only thing I do when riding DH, racing or going to the Alps is chuck a set of dual ply tyres on it.

    To be fair, where I live, i’ve been having more fun riding DH on it than I have my DH bike – so I sold it. Will be racing this next season instead 🙂


    Amazed people have Saint Cranks on trail bikes

    Says the bloke with 200mm brakes 🙂

    Premier Icon Northwind

    randomjeremy – Member

    Says the bloke with 200mm brakes

    I have 203s on the front of mine, even though it really doesn’t need it. Reason being, it means the brakes can be working incredibly badly yet still stop me :mrgreen:


    What gadgetry is everyone using to weigh these exactly? Bathroom scales are no good for the job surely?

    Having said that my 31 lbs seemed a bit light so I double checked my scales, they weren’t calibrated correctly…doh. Now reading 33 lbs, which seems a bit more accurate.

    So once I’ve stuck on my alpine tyres it’ll be over 34, and thats with air shocks both ends.

    I was using some Park scales and I just lifted the bike up by holding the scales to weigh it.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    2010 Reign X2

    U-Turn Lyriks
    Zocchi Coil R
    Dual ply HRs and DH tubes



    I have 203s on the front of mine, even though it really doesn’t need it. Reason being, it means the brakes can be working incredibly badly yet still stop me

    That’s a good idea, pretty much the same reason I run a 203 up front – it never hurts to be “overbraked” and the weight penalty isn’t massive.

    I’m really liking some of the builds on here. Do you think there is a trend towards having one do it all bike these days? Certainly for me getting rid of my XC bike and my DH bike was a good move. The XC bike was constantly being repaired and although excellent uphill was a nightmare on rough stuff, and the DH bike was so specific that it was useless outside of an uplift day. All I do now is stick some big tires on and maybe soften up the fork to go on uplift days/Alps holidays, life is sweet.


    No idea, but it was the only bike in our group to get a heavy tag off easyjet.
    05 Heckler with coils, built to survive, but nowhere near DH beef. Can’t believe my mates patriot didn’t get a heavy tag.


    sorry i posted a 150mm bike.. maths error. well anyway 150-160 is similar class.. maybe add 1lb for changing a lightweight revelation for something burly 36mm?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Amazed people have Saint Cranks on trail bikesSays the bloke with 200mm brakes 

    Still lighter than saint cranks 😀 I had a set never again. Mind you I have only bent some old isis rf xc ones. Six or XT are holding up



    Seriously doubt you can build any 160mm bike under 29lb and keep it strong/stiff.
    Which begs the question, why would you want a weak build on a long travel bike?

    No, it’s pretty easy. Still not cheap but far from impossible. Getting it under 26lbs whilst keeping it strong and durable would be more of a challenge.

    Strength and stiffness are relative terms of course but most 160mm carbon frames and am components are very very stiff these days and pretty strong.


    New s-works enduro is under 26lbs: click-click. Wonder if a mincer like matt hunter finds it’s too weak…

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