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  • How much does Glastonbury pay the BBC…
  • fingerbang
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    I’ve not ploughed through the tiny desk backlog but balancing your mic stand on a pile of books definitely resonates with my WFH lifestyle

    My go to for live sessions is KEXP cos the sound engineering is insanely good, the guitar tone on ‘Oh Sees’ version of ‘sticky hulks’ in their old live studio has to be heard to be believed

    In terms of Khruangbin love, crazy to see/hear the most economical drummer of all time playing insane funky drummer breakbeats without breaking any sweat and like otherjonv said, probably solving equations in his head or imagining what he’s having for his tea.

    Mark Speer is like some robby krieger/carlos santana cross, I can’t think of a better guitarist in his generation.

    …and managed to avoid saying anything about fancying the bassist 🙂

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    these guys are the find of the coverage for me


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    Just watched the Turnstile set. Brilliant! Roisin Murphy was also good, now to try and find Squid…

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    The latest Rosin Murphy CD has just dropped through the letter box. That set sold it to me.

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    All up on BBC Sounds now in a Glastobury channel. If they would just drop the annoying ‘Glasto…’ introduction to every track.

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    If you’ve not already seen this then really interesting about khruangbin ‘s gear set up, spoiler alert it’s mega basic so its all just talent

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    Thought the tv coverage was a bit sparse but suppose a lot was waiting to be uploaded.
    For me idles are always good, sleaford mods have moments of brillance and are polorising which is always good.
    The find for me was the set from KH (four tet) but can only find radio 1 set, absolutly banging.

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    After not going for 20 years I felt like I was missing out. Then I looked at ticket prices. Would love wondering around the site but £300 seems a bit steep as I wouldn’t be fussed about a lot of the main headline acts.

    But I have booked tickets to see Bicep at Alexandra Palace in December for me and the boy so that’ll be good. Been meaning to see them for ages but COVID and lockdown kinda got in the way.

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    Just got round to watching the Bicep set on iPlayer, oh boy that was good. Tempted to get tickets to see them in Paris in October now…

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    They’ve just released a new track, it’s very good

Viewing 10 posts - 361 through 370 (of 370 total)

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