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  • Hope Tech 3 Shifter mount
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    What adaptor do I need to fit a OneUp dropper lever to my Hope tech 3 lever?

    What Lever do I buy? the ‘I-Spec II’ or the ‘I-Spec EV’?


    Premier Icon benpinnick
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    Sram left is what you want. Thats the ‘native’ fit for a One up lever. Everything else is an adaptor on an adaptor I believe.

    Part code HBSP325L

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    Tech 3 levers are i-spec II compatible with the addition of a small nut from Hope.

    By that, I mean that’s how I’ve attached a Bikeyoke triggy to one set of tech 3 levers, and a Wolftooth to another.

    Edit. I’m wrong. It’s i-spec B that fits to Hope with just the nut. I-spec II is an adaptor plate. Both my dropper levers are i-spec B and bolt straight on.

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    Is it not the SRAM MMX/Matchmaker style one you need?

    Premier Icon fathomer
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    I asked Hope, OneUp and on here and didn’t get a definitive answer, so watching with interest.

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    Cheers folks, I think Ben has the correct answer, as far as I can tell. All a bit confusing!

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    ahh they have sorted that with V2? I know the V1 had no way of mounting to a hope tech lever without adapter on adapter as mentioned. For this reason I went wolftooth

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    I’ve been running a oneup v1 lever with sram mount on tech 3s for six months or so. Just requires a bit of filing on the hope adapter. V2 lever looks a much better fit.

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