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  • You need to know the width of your bb shell. Normally 68mm or 73mm.

    I nicked from an old stw thread as it explains it well. Thanks go to Matthew h for this one.

    You definitely need at least one. If your BB shell is 68mm wide then you need 2 on the driveside and one on the non-drive. If your BB shell is 73mm wide then you only need one on the dive side. They mount between the cup and the BB shell.


    That is for mtb not road
    All road bikes are 68 mm shell
    Use one spacer each side as shown here




    Just replaced the original Tiagra external HTII BB with a Hope road one.

    The original cups were fitted without any spacers (unlike on my MTB).

    But the Hope Road BB came with a 1mm spacer for each side. I don’t have any calipers / scales to measure but putting the old and new cups up side by side I think I need to fit the Hope one with the spacers?

    Anyone know?



    Cheers chaps I think the bit that confused me was the ‘determine spacers – see below’ in the destructions but actually showed the spacers being fitter..

    Pretty sure width of Tiagra cup is same width as Hope one + 1mm spacer. Just wondered if anyone measured or knew for sure.

    I believe the road BB’s sit 3 mm further out on the faces than a road BB, although I have an MTB bb in my road bike with a spacer on one side and works fine.


    Shimano road BB cups are wider than their MTB cups, but Hope use the same cups for both, and space them out for road use to make up the difference.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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