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  • Honda Civic 2.2 Diesel. Any good?
  • Algore

    I know it’s a bike fourm, but it’s too techy on Piston Heads etc.

    So my wife needs a new car to replace her Seat Ibiza TDi.
    Wondering about a Honda Civic 2.2Diesel, recent shape. Her ideal car would be a 1 Series or A3, but we’ve got house DIY to do.
    Looking at 2006/07 models.
    Any experience or other suggestions. I don’t like the Focus or Astra. Car needs to be comfy, safe, reliable and a little bit interesting. She drives 70miles a day on a fast A-road (Cheltenham to Witney). I have a big estate car so we just need a medium size car.
    Honest John likes them, especially the engine but real life views are always useful.


    Really really really bad visibility out of the rear but a cracking engine.


    I considered this car, but got a volvo c30 1.6d on scrappage.

    The petrol civic does a pretty decent mpg and is also worth a look.


    I’ve got the 1.8 petrol, really good IMO, no real issues in nearly 4 years of ownership, uber practical loadspace, economy much better than my mates focus, only issues I had were early on and sorted under warranty.


    I’ve had mine for two years now and I’m really looking forward to getting rid of it next April.

    There are no major problems with it – it’s just lots of little details which I don’t like and annoy on a day to day basis. Fuel economy is terrible, if I turn the air-con off and drive carefully, on a combined cycle it might make 42 mpg. With the air-con on I never make 40 mpg, I was told it would get better as I did more miles, well I’ve done 70000 and it’s still no better. My last car (Octavia 2.0TDi) when driven like I stole it would still give 46 mpg and over 50 if driven carefully. It’s got the turning circle of a bus so parking is a pain. As Rockhopper said The engine is good but the ratios on the top 3 gears are so close together that you can cruise on the motorway in 4th and not realise.

    If I had to praise anything about it I would say that in the snow last winter it was the best 2 wheel drive car I have driven. I got caught in Derbyshire one particularly bad day and whilst many other vehicles struggled the Civic was brilliant.


    Volvo C30s are still a bit pricey secondhand, but she does love them.
    Would sensors sort the rear vision issue. Odd as they look like they should have plenty of vision as the glass goes quite low- or does the bar block everything?


    the bar blocks the view and no rear wiper…great for reversing out of spaces in the rain… 🙄

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    We have a couple of the 2.2 diesels on our pool car fleet at work. They are always in demand over the usual Audi/VW’s. Very well built. Not quite the solid feel of a Toyota, but fantastic to drive. They are like a tardis inside. Hadling is simply excellent. The engine is a bit of mixed bag though. Yes, its powerful, but refined it certainly isnt. VW’s diesel engines are way better. I’d have one in a flash.


    I do find it ok and do have the sensor.

    Ive perhaps only had one situation where ive had the sensor save me, I dont think its a hard car to judge when manouvering.

    Cant say ive ever had a visibility issue. Mine is the 2010 model FWIW.

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Ride quality is too firm


    Fuel economy is terrible,

    I think it must be the gearbox that lets the civic down. I have an Accord which has the same engine in. Mine is a much bigger, heavier car and yet I have to scream the nads off it to get the consumption under 40mpg. Not that I ever do because it has more torque than the flying scotsman so I invariably stick it in 4th and cruise around there all day unless I get over 60 in which case it gets snicked into 5th where I have to keep checking the engine is still switched on it’s so quiet.


    Hired one once and was impressed. I think clutches can be an issue nut I may be wrong.


    I bought a petrol one not long ago, same sort of age – am getting just over 40mpg, if it helps.
    As others have said, rear visibility not the best but with a bit of practice it’ll be fine. Very nicely put together, the (petrol) engine is ace (especially above 4000rpm…)

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    I had one for 3 years and 110,000 miles.

    Never again.

    Great for the bikes in the back seat area, fast and fun at times but my main problem was the very stiff suspension and firm ride, ok if your not doing the high miles that I am but not fun mile after mile.

    I did get the range topper with the lower profile tyres thrown in, so if you are going to get one by one with thicker rubber on smaller rims and you might find it helps.

    And it wasn’t as economical as the book said as well.

    As for the rear bar I quite liked it as at night it normally hid the following cars head lights.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    plastic crap!! No visability, the dash was thrown together by blind people dont try and adjust things while driving! Do loads of mile in these as hire cars and would never part with my money for one.

    To top it all there is a pointless start button where you have to turn the key 2 clicks then press the button

    Premier Icon Sludge Judge

    I’d highly recommend the Civic. Great combination of style, quality, performance & practicality. Diesel engine is smooth and powerful although I rarely get more than 50mpg. I don’t have any problems with rear visibility (sensors help) but the wife absolutely hates it and so would recommend a test drive.
    Clutches can be a problem on the diesels – had mine replaced under warranty at 35K. Honda dealers service very good but also very expensive (Bristol).

    Premier Icon angeldust

    GF had a 2007 from new for 3 years. Very, very practical for the external dimensions. Rear seats fold up as well as down and boot very large for the class. Diesel engine fantastic – fast and economical. Handling good, rather than great but most people unlikely to complain. We did not find the ride too hard.
    Only thing we missed was a rear wiper. Only other moan was that paint quality was not fantastic. I didn’t think the build was quite as solid as my Jap built Accord, but we had no faults in 3 years of ownership. We found the diesel was superior to the petrol in every way in this car (most obvious was how much quieter it cruised on the motorway – we didn’t like the petrol gearing).


    Got mine in 2006 and had it for 3 years. It was the range topper diesel with the low profile tyres, but no sensors (I was fitting a towbar).


    Massive space inside – seriously. The rear seats fold away very easily and make for easy packing of bikes etc.
    Comfy and quite to drive.
    Fuel consumption.
    Controls are all easy to use once you learn the layout.


    Early models (like mine) had loads of faults, not the least of which was a fuel cap which wouldn’t open. Various electrical faults followed and then there was a glitch of some sort with the engine management.

    Rear visibility – but only a problem when parking. The spoiler thing was actually good at night as it kept the headlights from the car behind you from shining in your mirror.

    Build quality – some of it was just feeble (like the central console).

    Materials – cheap vinyl in places and the instrument cluster and dashboard would scratch if you so much as wiped them with a cloth.

    I reckon they fixed most of the faults in the later models as reliability figures went up. However, after many years of owning French cars, I was completely disappointed in the reliability of this UK/Japanese one.


    I like these, very practical, look good and a great engine. The FIL had an 06 diesel for 60000miles with no issues and 54 mpg and has now got an 09 of the same spec.
    UK built so helping keeps the pounds circulating.

    i think the Jazz is also worth a look but it sounds like you have a missus with a hint of big car snobbery.


    Some great thoughts, feedback and comments.
    Still pretty interested in one. Think I’ll find one at a garage so we can take one for a test drive.
    Would be interested if anyone has a like for like with an A3, Golf or 1 Series. We can’t justify the latter two, but that’s what would be top of dream list.

    Premier Icon thv3

    Have to say I like mine.

    Fast and averaging 50-54mpg on mostly A class roads so a little surprised at the figures mentioned above. Can’t say I really try with the mpg either.

    Do miss a rear wiper mind, but the tardis effect is great.

    Would buy another based on expereince so far.


    Jebus, i’ve never even owned a car that does 40mpg – i shall be getting a Volvo C30 in the new year… which hopefully should


    I also have an early one 06 one and would support what has been said on reliability. I have had all the problems described plus:-

    Battery kept dying
    All of the rear suspension has been replaced
    Seal on across the front windscreen has been replaced twice
    Replaced ECU
    Windscreen and front dash creak like you would not believe
    RDS on Radio does not work
    Highest MPG I have seen is 53 being very careful on the motorway
    Lights fill with condensation


    I don’t have a civic but i’ve just got rid of a 53 plate A3 in favour of a diesel C30.
    I’m done with vorsprung durch technik. After 5 fairly good years the car (2.0 litre petrol) went into meltdown, more time in the garage than on the road.

    EGR valve gubbed
    coolant leak
    dodgy aircon
    leaky boot
    rear window wash gubbed
    nox sensor knackered in the region of 300quid to replace
    all this and a less than amazing 37mpg on a good day.

    nice looking car but i wouldnt go back to one now.


    I have the Accord with the same engine. It’s possible to get the MPG into the 50s on a long gentle cruise so it must be possible with the Civic. Mr_C must be unfortunate. Having owned several VAG diesels it is noticable how much more refined the Honda engine is. You do have to look after the engine with genuine parts and good oil but if you do there aren’t many problems. Honda do fixed price servicing on things like clutches. There are ways of getting cheaper Honda parts too if you know the right dealers.


    I’ve had one for about 7 months now, its an 08, started off with 22k on it, got 27 now.

    Its a 2.2 Turbo engine, so you’re not going to get 50+ mpg unless you do motorway driving, I average about 43mpg for a mix of town, A road and dual carrageway driving, not bad really, considering the power its got.

    I dont really have a problem with the back window. I use the wing mirrors to park, and I can get a idea of how far away the other car is out of the back. (I’ve got a tow bar fitted and I’ve never dinged it)

    Ride is good, if a little firm on unkept and rough roads, Hifi is good, if you put the seats down it takes loads of stuff, three weeks ago I got the carpets from a four bedroom house to the tip in two loads.

    My clutch is starting to go and it is a problem that a lot of the 2.2s have, I’ve heard mixed reports on Hondas warranty stance on this, they’ve changed the clutch plate coating for the 2010 models, so they do recognise its an issue, time will tell whether I get it on warranty.

    All in all i love it, great to drive, comfortable, and although not super quick it can be driven fairly rapidly if needed!

    Premier Icon angeldust

    We’ve had 2 Hondas with the 2.2 diesel.

    The Civic always got around 55mpg, more if you were careful. The Accord from memory was more like ~45mpg driving ‘normally’, again more was possible if you were very gentle on the gas.

    As always with mpg, the cars tended to be driven different routes with different drivers so direct comparisons are difficult.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    plastic crap!! No visability, the dash was thrown together by blind people dont try and adjust things while driving! Do loads of mile in these as hire cars and would never part with my money for one.

    I completely disagree. Whilst the exterior is pretty shabby with poor paint durability, the interior is superb and the best laid out dash I have ever used.

    To top it all there is a pointless start button where you have to turn the key 2 clicks then press the button

    Having had a friend turn the ignition key in a mate’s car to listen to the radio, only to start the engine by accident – in gear – and crash through the estate agent’s window he was parked in front of, I can see the benefit of this.

    I echo a lot of the comments above. The ride is firm, so if you want a comfy cruiser you might be best looking elsewhere. If you want something fun it can be ragged, but the turbo sweet spot isn’t as easy to find as other diesels I’ve driven (Mondeo and Laguna). The comments about rear visibility are bang on too.

    Not the most economical diesel I’ve driven but I don’t hang around

    On the (big) downside I did need a new clutch very soon after buying it. It was second hand and although I eventually persuaded Honda to give me the new clutch under warranty the garage wouldn’t fit it FOC (or the other way around, I can’t remember)

    There’s quite a lot of real world feedback on Honest John too, under the “what’s good, what’s bad” section. I have the previous generation which is yet more tardis-like (bike goes in easily with both wheels on and saddle up) but very boring looking. Has been pretty impecabble for 7 years and 100,000 miles. It’s on my last trip that its developed it’s first squeak/rattle/creak. Interior feels flimsy compared to a Golf but Honda have a habit of spending the budget on real build quality as opposed to perceived build quality.

    Finally had to spent some money on it, after taking many speed humps and a certain rough track too fast had upset the bushes at the front, whilst the salt over the winter had frozen the rear calipers and killed the discs. And the aircon died last year – a known fault which they’d extended the warranty for but I’d just missed that. Usually does around 37MPG, occasionally drops to 35ish, long steady runs get it to 40 – not brilliant but better than my previous (slightly slower) car and it’s the 160bhp 2.0 petrol (Type-R block with lower compression ratio and different cams/v-tec step). It’ll be hard to replace when it finally expires but I’m hoping it has many years of service left…

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