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  • PeterPoddy

    It should fit easily, room to spare. Have you extened the forks first? Have you fitted the bolt in the bottom of the leg to extend the damper rod as you extend them?


    I have buggered mine through lack of servicing.. but think I have figured it out now (Horse well and truelly bolted but the gate is firmly shut). You just (I think)soak the foams in the seals (once cleaned) with a few ml of oil, then with lowers slightly pushed onto the uppers and held forks level inject 15ml of oil through each bolt hole! Oh yeah grease stantions before as well! I left mine for about 250 hours riding wothout a service and they are now worn and leaking oil, but seamingly working fine! If in doubt the guys at TF Tunned will help, and sell you what you need to service properly (I needed new foams as mine were as dry as something dry)!

    Hope that helps

    Probably not tho!

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    Peter, yes, the forks are extended, the bolt is in the bottom of the leg, everything is in pretty good condition – nothing split or obviously worn, or rattling around.

    where i am now: The forks are together, the bolts are in the bottom of the legs, 15ml's of lubricating oil in the bottom of each leg, the u-turn thing is extended, the red damping thing is removed, and i'm trying to get 120 ml's of oil in the damping leg.

    but it's mostly full, and there just isn't room for the red damping thing to go back in, without it forcing most of the oil out, and onto the floor…

    i'm leaving for the alps on Friday, and i'd love to take these forks as spares in case my elderly boxxers die.


    Ahhh! Put some of the 120ml of oil in and gently compress/extend the fork. The oil should fill the damping circuit and leave a space.

    Did you cycle the fork like this to drain ALL the old oil out first? If not, drain it all off and cycle the fork upside down a few times….


    Peter poddy is correct

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    i attempted to 'service' my 426 coil Pikes,

    i took them apart, cleaned everything, checked it all for obvious signs of wear etc. and then tried to put it all back together.

    the manual tells me to put 120ml's of oil in the top of the damper leg, and then re-fit the red damper wotsit.

    problem is, there's NO WAY i'm getting 120ml's of oil in there, AND the damper thingy. it's too full.

    what's going on?

    help please!

    (Tim Flooks will be getting a phone call once they've got the push kit back in stock, i just want to put them back together for a few weeks)

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