Grayling finally gets the top job.

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  • Grayling finally gets the top job.
  • Premier Icon zippykona

    The real reason he didn’t take the Party Chairman position has finally become clear.

    After making sure this country”s prisoners are kept in humane conditions and turned out as model citizens, after making sure that even the Swiss are envious of our public transport, finally he gets his reward.

    Minister for **** hedgehogs.

    Premier Icon frankconway

    I can’t see how he can continue as Transport Sec when it’s clear that being ‘Hedgehog Champion’ will take up his every waking minute.

    Imagine how the hedgehogs will feel if they think their champion isn’t totally focussed on them.

    As an ex prison officer who was employed by HMPS when he was da boss, I’d like to smash his face in.
    Pardon the pun but he’s well & truly screwed the prison service up & managed to screw up the lives of many a good prison officer, causing more to be off with stress than ever before.

    would a joke about pricks be apposite?

    I’ve never really understood why they can’t just share the hedge.

    Premier Icon igm

    Isn’t transport the traditional enemy of hedgehogs?

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