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  • Gravel bike tyres – 650b for PX Tempest
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    Looking for some recommendations for some tyres for my Tempest mk3.

    Have acquired some Hunt 650b wheels and just need some tyres that will do the job – 75% off-road paths, bridleways etc the 25% bits in between on the road. Everywhere is muddy near me all winter so I wanted something that will deal with the mud to a degree, be good on the general off road and be manageable on the road.

    WTB Resolute looks like the best bet but I would rather have something closer to 47mm as others suggest the frame will take closer to 50 on a 650b wheel.

    Anything out there or should I just go with the Resolute at 42mm? Closest WTB looks like the Sendero but might be a bit too off-road reading the reviews.



    I was going to suggest Conti Terra Trail, but they only do them in 40mm. Have a look at:

    See there’s anything there that takes your fancy.


    Following as just bought a Tempest. I’m running 700 X 45 WTB Riddler & there is plenty of clearance with them

    I also have the 650 X 42 Resolutes, I’ve had the tyres on the rims (not inflated though) & put them on the bike. There’s loads of clearance for a wider tyre.

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    How about the Vittoria Mezcal? they do a 2.1″ 650b, and it has an almost solid centre line for road but decent knobs too.

    Vittoria Mezcal Review

    Teravail Rutland.

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    Cheers all.

    Think I’m still favouring the Resolute based on the reviews – hopefully they may size up big.

    Sendero look good as does the Mezcal but maybe too MTB still.

    I’ll keep looking for a few days first so anymore suggestions welcome

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