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  • Good resources for dislocated shoulder recovery?
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    Managed to pop my shoulder out trying to roll a kayak in a pool on Thursday.
    It’s an old weakness that I’ve managed to manage for the last 10 years or more by not kayaking so this isn’t a surprise but it’s really **** annoying.
    We’re heading to Morzine as a family in 5 weeks to ride. Not full on DH days but more exploring and riding the fun stuff.
    The hospital wants me to keep it in a sling for 2 weeks, then start moving it gently and they’ll see me in 4 weeks for a first ‘recovery’ chat.
    I don’t want to push things too hard and make the recovery slow but I also want to do everything possible so it’s not too weak after the sling time.
    Can anyone point me to any online resources that might have some gentle movements and exercises I can try in a few days when it’s more settled?

    My physio signposted me to this site when I busted mine up a while back. Found it really good.

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    Is it a full dislocation or a pop out and back in again?

    ive done both shoulders properly, one kayaking and one skiing. The Skiing one was put in a full body cast in austria and immobilised for 3 weeks then in a sling. The kayaking one was in a sling from the off.

    The skiing ie full immobilisation has been the strongest shoulder since, however i lost a lot of muscle tone and mobility that I had to work hard to regain. The other slinged shoulder has always been weaker although still fine for kayaking but prone to a bit of tweeking. The main problem with the sling was the tension it caused in the neck and upper back – this was quite hard to shift.

    Best thing I did was see a sports physio asap, however a little thing that definitely aided recovery was learning to juggle with squidgy juggling balls, do it in front of a wall so they wont roll away. There is a lot of gentle shoulder movement when juggling

    In real life the last time I popped my weaker shoulder it was stiff for a day or two then improved. Once settled I then worked gently on my stretching and strengthening exercises.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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