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  • nealglover

    If it’s not as comfortable as a car, then it’s not the right one.

    My T4 Multivan is far more comfortable than any car I’ve ever driven I reckon. I have done the 850+mile alps trip in a single hit loads of times without any problems.


    Anyone made the change from driving a car to having just a camper?

    I made the change recently but really miss the comfort of my car!

    They don’t look as nice on the drive either.!

    How long did it take you to enjoy the change. Anyone ever find it didn’t work out and went back to a car?

    car, camper, car for too many years, camper (t5) again for the last 4… would’nt have anything else and wondered why i ever bothered with a car.

    only downside, the majority of driving i do is school run stuff and i may get a little cheap micra as well just to save some £££mpg. but for all other runs, surfing, swimming etc… van all the way.


    got a t5 and looks great on the drive. maybe you got the wrong camper 😳

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    self converted not a proper camper…

    The transit wasn’t as refined as a car but for long drives was way more comfortable, it’s designed to be driven as a job.

    It all depends what your after it for, is it your only car? If so then you get the downsides of higher fuel costs and lower practicality in some respects.

    We had another car for short trips/shopping etc that we used when we didn’t need the van. Before moving I was down to just the van, there was a cheap 1l run around at the end of the street for £500, it would have been cheaper to buy that and run it into the ground for 3 months than commute in the van.

    Now I’m without one I’m trying to get another one.


    I’ve fully camper’d up with a T4

    I occasionally miss the zippiness bolstered seats and aircon of a car particularly as I used to have Alfas, and will take my wife’s car for a bit of hooligan fun. But very soon quite happy to be back in the van bimbling around, looking over hedges, carrying my bikes/boats/dogs/kid/towing racecar and having a post ride cuppa/cake after.

    It does depend on the camper though, an old 7 ½ tonner lorry conversion I had for a while just wasn’t the same! The VW is the perfect vehicle, the right size being pretty much the same wheelbase as a car, sensible on fuel, goes well, and with lots of pimp options around to help it look good on the drive. I honestly can’t understand how anyone who does any sort of outdoor sport can manage without one and still be relaxed.


    Another happy T4 driver here. ’95 Westfalia Pop-Top. Probably the comfiest vehicle I’ve owned. Nice to drive too. Only downside is that it’s a bit noisy over 70 on the motorway but I don’t do much motorway anyway.

    Only thing I’d swap it for would be a later model T4 multivan or a T5.


    I’ve got a T5 with a caravelle triple which folds to a bed, wouldn’t consider going back to a car now.

    I’m fortunate to not need mine to commute as I ride to work so the van is saved for pleasure/leisure activities 🙂

    b r

    Why not just run a car and a camper, the extra cost of a cheap car (all in my current car was less than £1000 for car c/w 12m MOT, tax and insurance) and could be covered by the reduced running costs over the camper/van.


    I recently purchased a T4 2.5tdi 03 plate, it is the best purchase ever! Get it kitted out, slammed on big wheels etc and yeah; its no where near as refined as my car, but it makes you feel epic! Waving at fellow T4’ers is just magic…. your part of a way of life then, not just driving around in a boring factory standard car that you see loads of!

    Something I’m looking at currently. really fancy a T4/T5.

    Currently doing 60miles a day commute so working out the pros/cons.


    What camper have you got eskay?

    Another happy VW T4 camper here. Easily the most relaxing drive, especially cruising on the motorway. As mentioned above, plenty ofoptions to “bling” and there is a great scene as well, although you can pay scene tax for a “surf” bus or “day van”.
    However, bullet proof, smooth and relaxing to drive and not too thirsty (I have a 2.5 TDI 88BHP)


    Only thing I’d swap it for would be a later model T4 multivan or a T5.

    Late model (2001) Multivan (Factory 150bhp) from Europe so far better spec than UK model.

    May be interested 😉


    What camper have you got eskay?

    I have a Toyota Hiace camper (factory conversion). I have spent the day driving it around and I am slowly getting my head around it!

    I have gone from a Lexus saloon to a camper so it has been quite a step change!

    It is slow and does not corner well but it is great for the bikes and weekend adventures. It sleeps 4 and totally independant (water tank, hot water, fridge, hob, grill, heating, A/C, Mains, Zig etc).

    I think I will learn to love it!

    ex Network Rail MK7 transit 6 seat crew cab with microwave,brew kettle, hot&cold water, sink, eberspacher heater, lined/panelled, 240volt/1KW power, reversing sensors,loads of storage – all as standard

    Far comfier/better than a car, brilliant bike/adventure van.

    Premier Icon Simon

    RustyNissanPrairie – I’ve looked at those Network Rail vans, they look perfect as a base vehicle to convert in to a camper, I just don’t have the time to do it and I thought it might be too big to use day to day.
    My plan would be to remove the rear seats and put in a rock ‘n roll bed. And I thought I could put a double bed above the garage at the back.

    they come in various configurations – ours is a 6 seater so the load area is still useable.

    Keep it as is and throw a tent in when needed for camper/weekend duties.

    Fine day to day use apart from car parks height restrictions and takes up 2 bays in length at supermarkets.

    Premier Icon Simon

    Yeah, it was the 6 seaters that I was looking at. What sort of mpg do you get and has insurance been a problem?


    A 1993 hiace would raise all the same points as the op for me too.

    Ive driven a 91 van version to a few races- woefully underpowered for the size – lack of a crumple zone up front scared me and it was about as refined as sitting in my land rover.

    Infact my mates 69 aircooled vdub was better to drive and i still consider that a dream shattered.

    T4-T5 – transits-ducatos- relays and the ilk are nothing like the olden day campers which would explain the differences of opinions

    Try a moped for day to day use if you really need a vehicle to save trashing the camper

    not sure on MPG – i think they do mid/upper 30’s but havnt worked it out. Its better than the wifes 2.4 petrol Volvo and my old school landrover so Im happy!

    Insurance was okay regarding the spec of van although stung a bit due to not having any no claims bonus because of classic landrover policy. £700 ish via NFU.

    Premier Icon Simon

    Sounds good, better mpg than the Bongo I’ve got now 🙂

    Premier Icon Andy

    I run a car (golf) and a camper (sprinter conversion) – happy to do so as the car saves me putting 6-8,000 miles on the campervan. Plus when I get in the van I always love driving it as I never use it for anything to do with work.


    I cycle to work most days so the camper won’t be used very much. My wife has a car so I use that when I can.

    I have spent most of the day removing the interior and laying new flooring in (looks pretty good!).

    I think the age vs cost does not sit that well with me but I was well aware of that when I bought it.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    Comfy? Yep, just came back from 1000km round trip. Cruise control, twin aircon systems and captains chairs with arm rests, much comfier than a car, obviously not as sporting as my car. Sat at work on Monday looking out of the window at the amazing weather, phoned the boss, booked the week off and jumped in the bus; kept driving until we ran out of land;

    Got to St. David’s in Pembrokeshire for sunset;

    Woke up to this;

    Magic, (although to be fair you could easily do this in a tent and car.)

    I think the T4 and later vans that were designed to compete introduced a much more car like and comfy driving experience.

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