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    Your current provider should be able to provide a code, if they will and if they try and charge you is another matter.

    I’ve been with Giffgaff for a few months and they’ve been fine. Good prices, plenty of things included and good support

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    If your contract has finished, the supplier of that contract will provide the unlock code, generally FOC.

    GiffGaff is great. £10 a month, 500 mins, unlimited texts, 1gb of data which allows tethering/hotspot use and free giffgaff-giffgaff calls.

    no brainer if you own a phone IMO.


    I’ve friends that have used giffgaff for a couple of years with no complaint, and I’ve just switched to them after my contract with Vodafone ended. Porting my number went flawlessly, although there was a worrying lack of feedback during the process. It’s only been a week, but I’m impressed so far, and get a warm, fuzzy feeling from being with hippies that have knitted their own virtual network from organic yoghurt and flax seeds. Interested to see how coverage compares when out in the wilds. Remember that if you don’t like them, you’re not locked in and can leave whenever you like.

    Can’t help wrt unlocking, bought my phone SIM free.


    I am looking forward to November when my ludicrous contract finishes and I can emancipate myself and my money to the welcoming arms of giffgaff.


    I’ve been with giffgaff a few months now, I don’t use data but the call / text charges are small and the free gg to gg calls are really useful

    Giffgaff’d since last September and it’s brilliant. Great value for money, free calls to other gifgaffers and referal bonus if mates sign up using your link/sim. I’ve had 6 sign ups to 3 months free, effectively!

    As long as you are happy self supporting via their site/forum, go for it.

    Lots of network/model specific unlocking advice on their forum too.

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    .. and referal bonus if mates sign up using your link

    Good point. Sign up here for a fiver for each of us 🙂


    I’m moderately numpty on matters such as this, so please bear with me and help if possible.

    Just out of a phone contract, don’t need a replacement and I’m looking at some good offers from Giffgaff that uses the O2 network – anyone used them, if so any good?

    I apparently need my phone (HTC One S) unlocking. Do I need to pay for a code to do this or are the sites thrown up by google generally ok?

    Cheers in advance


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