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  • Giant and Liv Go Direct To Consumer In UK
  • 5plusn8
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    That warranty thread has turned me right off. Imagine dropping 5 or 6K on ebike and then changing the mech and the warranty fails.
    Big time suck.

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    Yeah, no mention of warranty validation in this bizarre process of ‘direct to consumer’ (via a local dealer) process –
    the customer’s bike is sent to your local Giant dealer who then performs the necessary assembly. The bike is then sent on to the customer. What you will receive will be a part assembled bike that requires only minor final assemble
    so what is the customer allowed to do?

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    We’ve asked Giant to clarify the warranty process. We are also asking other brands too. We hope to have a report ready for Tuesday subject to us getting the answers to our questions.

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    Thanks Mark, think this has caught a few people unaware (I’ve certainly had a closer look at the terms for my bikes)

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    Giant and Liv Go Direct To Consumer In UK

    I won’t be going direct to Giant. Giant by name. Giant tossers by nature.

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    So basically the title is quite misleading, unless I don’t know what direct means.
    So what do the giant dealers do differently apart from not get your money when the bike is bought from Giant’s website, they just unbox them, put the bars and front wheel on, check them over, put some on the shop floor and some back in the box for delivery like every other bike shop. Plenty shops offer free bike delivery so theres nothing to shout about there, Canyon, YT etc charge delivery but their prices reflect cutting out the middle man which Giant haven’t so it’s not direct at all, apart from the taking of your money instead the shop doing so.
    If they don’t address the warranty issue they’re doomed and I for one don’t wanna hear anything about Giant until they do the right thing and rewrite their blatant bs terms and own up and also apologize.

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    …just ticking the “Notify me”…option as I’m keen to hear Giant’s response about warranty…

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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