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  • Getting chased by flies?
  • munrobiker

    Are you wearing bright clothes? I know if I’m in a field in my hi-vis at work they swarm around.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Various things attract them but the worst I found was Fruictus shampoo and gel they loved that especially the gel as it was made with fruit gum. I sorted that by going almost bald. The do seem to prefer some people over others though.


    Come to think of it, I was wearing bright clothing on those rides. Hadn’t considered that as a factor!


    Felt sorry for a couple of horse riders the other day. Plodding along one of the fireroads surrounded by a fog of flying insects


    Some people’s sweat is just more attractive to fly’s than others. I seem to be one of them 🙁

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    Felt sorry for a couple of horse riders the other day.

    Then you remembered what a mess they make of bridleways and laughed 😆


    On recent rides I seem to have been attracting flies like a big steamy poo. I’ve noticed that some other riders also attract swarms whilst others don’t.

    I’ve been assure independently assured that I don’t smell like poo, horses or any other farmyard animal. I’ve tried showering with soap, I’ve tried showering without soap, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

    Obviously going faster would be helpful, but I already go as fast as my wee legs will take me 🙂

    Anyone know what it is that attracts them, or how to repel them?

    Yellow in particular is a favorite of flies

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    Sweat usually attracts them. According to my Dad they’re after the salts in it.

    No idea how true this is but he is a biologist of some sort.


    They say the flies on the Quantocks can do 12mph, so you need to get a move on. 🙂


    Problem is the buggers start to draft you, so no matter how fast you ride a few will be tucked in behind like bloody roadies.

    Ive also found recently I keep eating loads of them – like Haribos, only cheap and less sugary. (actualy they taste shite)

    i had this for the first time last night – i forgot to wash my jersey from last sweaty ride 😆

    so that wont have helped i guess, but more importantly i forgot to put my smidge repellant spray on last night and low and behold every climb i had a swarm around me, pretty annoying actually!

    so no idea if smidge also acts as fly repellant too but i certainly will spray my arms and face again before heading out next time

    Premier Icon tthew

    actualy they taste shite

    There’s a simple explaination for that.
    You are what you eat!!

    The little bastards love me, I put it down to me being a sweaty pig…

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Bright clothes? Nope, all in black and they follow me too. Maybe they think I’m a big brundle-fly and need my protection.

    Mainly CO2 that attracts them, hold yer breath.


    I remember a mate trying to outrun a swarm of them, he was surrounded everytime he stopped, nobody told him that they all pitched on his camelbak and got a lift every time he pedalled off.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    I reckon hair gel is an issue. Riding I get little trouble from flies but walking I get ‘swarmed’. Only difference I can see is riding my helmet covers the vast amount of product in my hair.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Are you riding in North Ont-a-rio-i-o?



    It’s probably all your whinging that attracts them 🙄

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