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  • Fresh Goods Friday 610: After The Heat Edition
  • amandawishart
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    We hope you, your pets, your plants and so on all made it through the extreme heat this week, and if you have got school holiday getaways, may they go smoothly.

    By amandawishart

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    Fresh Goods Friday 610: After The Heat Edition

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    How does that SLT bearing differ from the Cane Creek/SKF ‘solid’ system – Hellbender (used in BB bearings and others)?

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    Tin soldier! One of the best pop songs ever sung by one of the best white soul singers ever! (IMO, of course)

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    Hey Yeah Small Faces best time space warp Paul Weller act ever but even better. “…Nice”

    “Life is just a bowl of All Bran…”

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    Vivos are brilliant, so comfortable and no more foot and ankle pain for me.
    Love em

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    The Garmin. 945 ? That’s a bit old hat isn’t it ? They’re up to 955 now so can guess the 945’s support to fix problems still remaining in ever-buggy Garmin software will die off.

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    That Islabike looks much more up to date than most of their other bikes.

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    The welds on that Isla are immense😍

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