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  • Frame and forks for a fat bloke?
  • Boba Fatt

    Hardtail, preferably steel, forks, tougher the better

    Had a few beers so not focusing on the screen too well and google search will not help me

    ta 😆

    Premier Icon ton

    how fat,big????

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    2006 marzocchis

    Dialled Bikes Alpine


    456 with RC41F for me.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Got to be a Kona Hoss.

    But how fat is fat ?


    If you keep your wheels on the ground then you wont need a massively overbuilt frame. 456 with Pikes?

    If your a really big guy who rides like a maniac – dmr exalt with totems!

    Wiggle are doing 08 Hoss frames for under 200 quid.


    Depends on your budget – but as above said a 456 and defo the Pikes. I’m no lightweight 😆 and ride a Cove Hummer (Ti) with Pike 454’s and it has taken everything I have thrown at it.

    It’s not just the frame through, the wheels are the next important thing. I use DT5.1 rims on Hope Pro 2’s with DT Comp spokes – which are also a bit heavier due to the rims but been strong enough so far. Make sure you have good tyres of at least 2.2 on there to help cushion some of the load.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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