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  • Three_Fish

    Use a spring calculator (link).

    The DHX coil does have a tendency to blow through its travel, which can make the ride a little soft. I sent the 4.0 on my SX Trail (more or less the same frame as you) to TFTuned for a PUSH mod. and it cured the problem completely.

    yea i saw that link but not sure how to do the wheel travel bit…or what the final output number actually means?


    wheel travel, is the amount of suspension your frame has, and the numbers that are output are the recommended spring rate you should be running for your weight/suspension design…

    eg: if you weigh 110KG (fully kitted up – this is not just you r weight but the weight of all your riding gear too), with a shock that has a 2.25 stroke, with 5" of travel you'd need a 521 spring according to the calculator (single pivot fox shock), the nearest to this is actually a 500 or 550 spring..
    Easy eh?


    ahhh so as a rough guessimate:

    These givens:
    Enduro has 150mm (6inch) of travel with a 2.25 stroke
    Your 14.5 stone, lets round this up to a conservative 15 with kit (95Kg)
    @ 28% sag on a 4 bar suspension system and a fox shock the calc say you need a 585 spring.
    The actual nearest will be either a 550 or 600 spring.

    hey guys
    ive got an s works enduro frame with a dhx 5.0 coil shock..
    i weigh about 14.5 stone.its got a 450×2.30 spring on now
    need some advice on what spring i should be running….took it today for the first time it was ok…maybe a little saggy


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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