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  • Flame away…………;o)
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    Just had a look at the spec on the Edingburgh cycles website. That’s a lot of bike for the £££’s. Good choice 🙂


    Must be fast coz it appears to have a parachute on the back to slow it down. 😉


    Nice bike there.


    I’ve got one pretty much identical to that! Great bike, very happy with it.

    However, it is my third Edinburgh Bike Co-op Revolution Country Explorer, I had two of the previous models (Al, rather than steel) and both ended up cracking at the seat-tube/bottom bracket junction, bizarrely when they both came up to the 8000 mile odometer reading. Anyways, the steel one is going strong at 4000+ miles and I keep checking it for cracks without any signs so fingers crossed.

    Just got to put a Brooks saddle on it with a Carradice cotton duck saddle bag and it’ll be good to go!

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    nice looking bike, I too thought Singular at first glance, so, post rtedundancy plans ?

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    Liking that. A lot. Just got one of these Spa Cycles saddles for my Fargo, hard as a hard thing right now but a good comfy B17 shape, but cheaper and they reckon will last longer. Only £35 so worth a punt.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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