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  • Five great tools for trail maintenance on the move
  • MrAgreeable
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    Just like your bike, trails need a bit of TLC to keep them running nicely. Cutting back vegetation, fixing drains, or clearing fallen trees makes me almost as happy as riding. The only snag is that proper trail tools aren’t usually portable enough to carry with you on a ride, meaning that if you want to do a spot of maintenance, you’ve often got to give up some bike time.

    By mragreeable

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    Five great tools for trail maintenance on the move

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    ‘honestly officer, i’m just heading the woods to make some sweet berms and clear that fallen birch tree…..’

    defo need that chainsaw in my life..!! that looks mega.

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    On Monday my Nordic Pocket Saw was used to clear a tree that had fallen onto the trail just after a small jump (it came as a real surprise to the person who was first down the trail in the dark (some screaming but no real injuries)). It cut through the foot diameter trunk in minutes with two people working it, it cuts in both directions and I was surprised how fast it went through. Best bit of trail maintenance kit I’ve ever bought!

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    that Silky Pocketboy looks nice, although i got one from Asda for £4.

    i dont expect it’ll last forever but its hacked down a shed load of overgrowth this summer.. goes through 3″ or 4″ branches like butter!

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    ive also got a folding spade that looks identical to that Gerber, but cost about £15… its not the lightest, but the heft comes in handy when hacking through undergrowth.

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    I’ve had one of those Fiskars brush hooks for about 5 years – pretty much done now, but it’s taken a beating and is totally awesome for clearing undergrowth. But the blade is a total bugger to keep sharp – probably will go for a standard machete type thing next as the non inward curving blade will be easier to look after.

    That pocket chainsaw – buy a chainsaw chain from screwfix or wherever for a tenner, then make some loops for the two ends out of whatever cord/webbing you have kicking around – 30 notes saved right there.

    Gerber folding shovel – £95! folding shovel from tool station less than £7, proper military entrenching tool approx £15-£20. £95……. crikey, I’m in shock….. I hope that’s typo Ant?

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    you forget the chinese army tool. You can even cook an egg on it

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    I think the Nordic saws cut in both directions unlike a chainsaw blade which doesn’t like being dragged backwards. I’m sure it would cut through eventually but it wouldn’t be a smooth journey.

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    @cx_monkey, it’s not a typo unfortunately. It can be found a bit cheaper online but it’s still a fair chunk of money. But it’s way nicer than any of the others I’ve used, and still made in the USA.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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