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  • First pics of my new Heckler
  • Premier Icon portlyone

    My first full suss, and after a quick sprint this morning I’m very happy. Oh, and it’s not new just reconditioned (second hand 2006 frame)

    Shiny though…

    Heckler_1 by NazcaMan, on Flickr

    Heckler_8 by NazcaMan, on Flickr

    Heckler_9 by NazcaMan, on Flickr

    Heckler_7 by NazcaMan, on Flickr

    Few more pics here…


    Very nice and very shiny. I love my Heckler, its a great bike and will give you endless grins :8


    Looks good, would look even better with a set of decals on it though.


    Looks lovely… how are the angles with the lyrik on the front? Do you ride with them at 160mm all the time, or find you dial them down a lot?


    Noice. Mine is in metallic purple.

    IMO the best looking full suss frame ever made.


    Nice 🙂

    Hecklers are great bikes. The girlfriend loves her hers.


    Very nice.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Am also interested to know how it rides with the lyrik as I have a brand new set of uturns looking for a home. I was going to fit them to the enduro but the e150 is ace and am tempted to sell the enduro and get a nice, shiny £900 heckler frame instead.

    looks great btw

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Jungle had ran out of decals when I called. I’ll source some elsewhere me thinks.

    Only rode it once, for about an hour this morning. It didn’t seem to have any problems on a couple of tiny hills (with the forks at 160). My Chameleon runs with 140s all the time and the angles weren’t massively different. You only notice it when the ground tilts away and it seems to leap forward, anxious for more punishment 🙂

    Powder coating was done at Triple S in Bingley if anyone is interested.


    deffo needs decals, but I already told you that 😉


    Thats very nice. Still reckon the MK11 Heckler is the best looking one.

    Premier Icon portlyone

    After it’s first proper test in Hayfield yesterday I can confirm the Lyriks work great on it. On the bigger climbs, after being reminded to wind them down, it was no slower than my HT. The Joplin seatpost was fun too.

    Once the Megas started to bed in it wasn’t only me holding it back on the downs!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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