Figure Skating – another helmet thread!

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  • Figure Skating – another helmet thread!
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    Food for thought.

    My son asked me why figure skaters don’t wear helmets!

    If the IOC allow it then it must be fine.


    I must have missed the one with the trees.


    Tell your son to get a grip.


    mostly because it would mess up their hair.

    Ice hockeyists do. It’s all about the risk factor isn’t it. Ice dancers don’t move very fast with low likelihood of crashing into anything. Ice hockey is fast with a high likelihood of crashing into things. That’s not to say that if an ice dancer fell on their heads they are not immune to killing themselves or doing serious damage, but the likelihood of them falling is not high.


    Looks safe to me


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    Not only is there a risk in ice hockey of you hitting things and crashing but there is also the small matter of the puck which moves at a speed to cause at least a nasty bump on the head.

    Do a google search for ice hockey goalie bruises and there will be a few images of some really quite severe bruising and that is through several layers of protective clothing.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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